When will the Plenny Bar get more flavours?

As I have done a lot of referrals then I’m thinking about adding some Plenny Bars to my next subscription but sadly the only option right now is the caramel sea salt one which I was sent when it wasn’t out yet. It was okay and the texture was great but I would prefer other flavours.

Are there any plans to release more flavours in the near future? If not then I guess I can just get the Twenny Bars :smiley:

We are planning to re-release the Twenny Bars as Plenny Bars, so we’ll soon be able to offer Vegan Chocolate and Vanilla Plenny Bars! :smiley:

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Could you give an indication of when this will be?

First quarter of 2020 is the current ETA!

Are the Twenny bars going to be improved in any way in the upcoming months?

I think that the Twenny bars are already healthy, they just aren’t vegan.

We are very happy with the Twenny Bar, both with regards to flavor as well as nutritional profile. We just want it to be vegan in the future! <3

I just received the Twenny bar after 2 months eating plenny bar every day. I thought Tweny were also 400 kcal… They are 384kcal.

Any plan to increase it to 400? Or even higher? :slight_smile:

Hey there, any news for the new plenny bars? I’m (im)patiently awaiting their arrival :smile:

Hi Danny! We’re all suuuuper impatient haha, can’t wait for them to be available for everyone <3

And surprise: if all goes well they should be available later today! (in Europe) :smiley:

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