Twenny Bars - Strawberry and Vanilla?

Any update on the new flavors of Twenny Bars, and when they will be available?

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We did a factory trial for the Vanilla bar with succes, they are ready for production. (We gave the trial bars to customers with subscriptions). Now we are waiting on the wrapper and packages, we will get a sample first which we will need to approve, after that they will start production and ship them to the bar factory via seafreight (20 days), when the bar factory has made a reservation for production they will ship it too us, aaaaannnddd then we can enjoy them. 90% of doing business on a larger scale is waiting on other companies to finish their part :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello joey! Thanks for letting us now. Looking forward to the new bars :smiley:

Thank you, joey. I’m looking forward to trying the Twennybars. Can you post the ingredients and nutritional info of the new bars?

According to this post on reddit, December 5th is the date for the vanilla ones.
But no news on the strawberry ones (just that they’re working on new flavors and vegan version).

I have a question, after December 5th, the banana and chocolate bars will sell with the updated recipe, or that’s just an exclusive for the vanilla model?

Is there any update on the Vanilla and Strawberry Twennybars?

The Vanilla ones will be available for purchase very soon! Keep an eye on our socials to stay updated :wink:

Any news on Tweenybar Strawberry, Banana or other flavours?