Bars (twennybars)

All the calories and nutriments needed in bars is an awesome idea!
Is there any information about it or it’s still a super secret project ? ^^

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Hush! :open_mouth: Now that title is there and everyone will know! It’s supposed to be like uber-mega-super secret!

xD I really wouldn’t know; I’m waiting for 'em as well… I feel ya.



That would be awesome. I ride my bike a lot for work and dragging along all that extra weight is not that fun…

[There used to be stupid calculations here.]

Scratch all of that! I’m looking forward to not carrying that much weight as well! :smiley: (get hyped)

Don’t forget the water if it’s pre made ^^

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Yes please, some solid Plennyshake! I don’t want to pee so much :blush:


We’re working on them guys! :slight_smile: The plan is still to launch them in the beginning of 2016 soooo… soon!


‘Soon (Blizzard tm)’ or ‘Soon.’?

Soon (Blizzard tm):

Copyright 2004-2015 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. “Soon” does not imply any particular date, time, decade, century, or millennia in the past, present, and certainly not the future. “Soon” shall make no contract or warranty between Blizzard Entertainment and the end user. “Soon” will arrive some day, Blizzard does guarantee that “soon” will be here before the end of time. Maybe. Do not make plans based on “soon” as Blizzard will not be liable for any misuse, use, or even casual glancing at “soon.”

Just to make sure you and I are on the same page here. I don’t like to get dissapointed. Especially when my dinner’s on the line.

Edit: smallfixes.


I guess one shake would be approximately 700 to 750 grams (powder + water + shaker), so it should still be heavier than two bars.

Hehe, well; in the beginning of 2016. I think that’s pretty soon :-).


Bars bars can’t wait to eat that, would to be able to eat and drink Jimmy Joy.

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@mimoun our lives will be complete.

Is it soon yet…? fingers crossed

@christismurph We hope to launch the bars by the end of next month!! :tada:


Will these be lactose free (ie equivalent to the vegan Plennyshake?). Will definitely be stocking up if they’re lactose free! :smiley:

@m.ak the twenny bars will not be Vegan or lactose free, sorry!! :pensive:

Hi Olivia!

Any chance there’s an updated ETA for the Twennybars, please? Joey had mentioned “13 days before they arrive” on April 18th, so a few of us were hoping we’d be able to order them by now. I’m guessing something came up to prevent that, which happens, but just wondering if there’s a new date we can put on our collective calendars for when to start ordering some Twennybars! :smile:

Thanks, Olivia!

Hi @james.manning,
Well, I can tell you we’re closer than ever to having the bars available for purchase! We expect to launch them somewhere next week :slight_smile: I’d advise you to check our Facebook page every now and then, because we’ll definitely post on there when the bars are here!

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Looking forward to it, thanks @isabel !

Also, already signed up, so hopefully I’ll be getting an email the moment they’re available to order already!

Tell @joey not to worry - another of my favorite companies (Tesla) has deadlines slip (usually by years, not days or weeks, admittedly!) but I’m still a fan and still have my Model 3 reservations. :smile:

They arrived!

haha thanks for that comparison James, careful that you don’t make us cocky.