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Bought too much bulk bars, selling now


I still have some bars left which I bought in too much bulk. Expiration dates are nov 2018 for twennybars and 31.05.18 for wundrbars.

I used to eat 3 bars a day but now only eat 1 (or 2) bars a day, so I won’t finish my bulk amount in time.

Everything still perfectly fine and sealed.

WundrBar choco hazelnut each from 2.00 euros each
WundrBar choco vanilla each from 2.00 euros each
Twennybar chocolate per piece from 1.55 euro each
Twennybar vanilla each from 1.55 euros each

Taste tester 4x 5 pieces (5 of both brands and both flavors) = 40 euros

5+ pieces of wundrbar: 2.30 euro each
20+ pieces of wundrbar: 2.20 euro each
50+ pieces of wundrbar: 2.10 euro each
70+ pieces of wundrbar: 2 euros each

5+ pieces of twenties bar: 1.90 euro each
20+ pieces of twenties bar: 1.80 euros each
50+ pieces of twenties bar: 1.75 euro each
100+ pieces of twenties bar: 1.65 euro each
150+ pieces of twenties bar: 1.55 euro each

PM me if interested.


Hi Kevin! Glad to see you don’t want to waste any food and you’re being creative, that’s awesome. What country are you living in? Perhaps we can recommend you to some customers of ours :slight_smile:

Let me know!



Coming from the Netherlands, but travelling antwerp/london/berlin regularly.


Hey Kevin, do you still have bars left to sell? :slight_smile:


Not the Vanilla TweenyBars since I came along :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry for my late response… Yeah, I still have some left. No more vanilla twennybars and about half/3quarters of the other bars. Feel free to make me an offer in PM.