Any interest for savory bars? I already miss the pizza bars

I understand there wasn’t a huge demand in the pizza bars. I was so happy to get savory bars. The pots are fun and I’m looking forward to more flavors, but the bars very handy to stick in your bag on the go and are more “proper”/discreet to snack on at your desk.

I usually prefer a savory breakfast, and I am not a huge fan of having a sweet meal for lunch, so the pizza bar was great news! I kept recommending Jimmy Joy because there was finally a seller who had a healthy savory bar option but alas…

So. Are there plans for more flavors in the future? Am I the only one interested in not having everything sweet all the time??


Same as with the Mango Shake, the Pizza Bar was one of the least popular Bars in our assortment and for this reason the tough choice was made to discontinue the Pizza Bars to make room for the next generation.
There will be good news on that part soon, so keep an eye out for the announcements about it.

Soon could mean anything though, they declined to clarify if this means days, weeks or months.

Yes, I was afraid of that. I hope there’s a bunch of us that are expressing interest for savory things, (and I mean savory, not super salty) so that there will be some more made in the future. If not, then I guess this type of service just isn’t for me. I’m sure they’ll be just fine without me.

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… okay???

I’m not even sure who you’re supposed to be shading? Cause if it’s me, I don’t see where you got that from. I gave feedback to the brand, and then asked, the brand, and the community, whether anyone else is interested. You know, cause brands like to know what their customers want…?

I’m inclined to continue the sarcastic banter, but in the interest of not triggering you any further I’ll flat out say that

just comes off as a salty (pun intended) threat, and doesn’t really provide valuable feedback.
Stay cheery! :smiley:

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Savory bars? Yes please, what about Falafel or Hoummous?
Pretzel could be great also. Just think about combining it after works with a cold beer!
Peanutbutter Jelly could be a savoury-sweet treat!
Having the flavours of the hot meals as bars could also work.
But even if I despised the Pizza bar, you should try to create a new italian herb bar but a bit subdued.


Thanks for your input on this @eschenfelder, I will forward these options to the R&D team. :green_heart:

I just found out about this terrible loss :sob:

Of course I want more savory bars, and less of soso and bland ones like vanilla.