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Savoury (salty) - Twenny Bars


I really love the twenny bars since they are perfect for outdoor adventures. I found that for mountaineering (and propably other sports as well) bringing only a sweet snack leaves you with a craving for something salty. What would you think about a savoury twenny bar with a taste like pizza ( like these pizza crackers https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51BSlzU7EnL.SX385.jpg) or paprika (more like paprika chips) or a general umami oriented flavor?
I would love to discuss the possibility of the idea!


Would love that too!! Also thought of outdoor adventures, where I don’t always feel like sweet stuff. I’d be great to have something to balance out the other sweet bars you can get in the supermarket.
Please do consider it!!

Guys, you’re in luck!

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haha - they are indeed! :joy: