Chocolate Plenny Bar- First Impressions

First impression is BLAND

Not actually a complain-y post (I read the comments), just an observation. I sort of scarfed it down after a bike ride so probably need to re-evaluate. I imagine this is sort of what Neutral tastes like with a sprinkling of cocoa powder. I really liked the Salted Caramel and have yet to try Vanilla.

In general I lament the loss of the Twenny bar. I will miss the cookie-dough esque logs. I would also good-naturedly plead with support to get my hands on a pizza bar (just seeing this now) or to pay to get some some of the last of the Twenny bars in my pantry, although I did stock up.

Overall optimistic and will eat my way through this box.


Appreciate the feedback, Diabeeto! How did you like the bar after that first one, after your bike ride?

(No drama) but I dislike it enough to discontinue the subscription. Rubbery weird chemical taste. I tried vanilla and it’s got a good rice krispie flavor that has some continuity with the Twenny bar. I would sort of expect the same for the chocolate Plenny vs. Twenny but it’s completely absent.

Haha fair enough! Sorry to hear that though, the Chocolate bars I had did in fact have a crisp. After some time, though, the crisp lessens… If you’d like to get a refund for the chocolate bars, shoot me an email at and we’ll sort it out :slight_smile: