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Bowel issues with plenny shake

I really really want to like plenny shakes. I have tried several times drinking them, but for some reason my gut has a lot of problems with it. I get diarrhea and it burns coming out. Have you heard of this before?

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Do you have any known allergies?

Have you tried any other brands of meal replacement shakes and is it only Plenny you have the problem with?

If you haven’t already, try easing your way into it by starting off with only replacing one meal per day and working your way up from there.

You may be sensitive to an ingredient in the recipe, hopefully someone with more knowledge can help you out. :slight_smile:

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@NovaMosh Gives some good advice here @Manjaro! Always try easing into using the products, give your body time to adjust to your new way of food consumption. A protesting gut is pretty normal, but the burning is something I haven’t heard before. I’d suggest you look at the allergens to make sure that’s not messing you up!

Hope it gets better, please keep us posted on any bowel movement updates :wink:

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@NovaMosh, I stopped Plenny when I posted this, had a day of normal food, then bought 2 days supply of Soylent (most accessable for me). I have had just Soylent yesterday and today without issue. I am not sure what the difference is between the two, but something in Plenny is causing me issues.

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@Manjaro Interesting. It may be worthwhile comparing the ingredients on both shakes and having a look at where they differ. If you’re feeling fine on Soylent then it does sound like something in Plenny Shake is causing your insides some distress. :worried: