I only take one 2-scoop shake each day, poop is sticky, messy

Like in the title, I only take one shake consisting of 2 scoops every day.
My poop is, pretty consistent, pretty loose and sticky. I need to wipe a lot. I mean A LOT.
I have no other stomach issues of uncomfortable feelings, but the loose stools are a bother.
Is there a cause that is known that I can do something about? As far as I know I’ve never had any problem
with dairy so I don’t believe it to be a lactose intolerancy.

hi @Aepe thanks for sharing haha. I don’t have any experience with this myself and I honestly haven’t had this specific complaint before. Perhaps other Jimmy Joy customers can share their stool experiences here :wink: ?

To ease your mind about dairy, our Plenny Shakes are currently vegan, so it shouldn’t be a reaction to any dairy products.

Share away!


I’m having the same problem. I’ve been having one shake weekdays for probably about four years now. Initially I had some issues with the standard plenny shake upsetting me. I put this down to a mild lactose intolerance, moved to the vegan shake and have been loving it ever since…

…Then I discovered that the vegan shake had been dropped when I made my last order. The website seemed to indicate that the new plenny was vegan, so I assumed I wouldn’t have any problems with it; since, presumably it would not contain lactose.

Since moving to the new formula it’s leaving me feeling sick for the rest of the day and with very loose stools. If I press on I feel pretty terrible by Friday :frowning:

What’s changed? I’ve looked at the ingredients listed and nothing seems problematic. I really want to continue to use plenny on a daily basis, but not if it makes me ill!

Has anyone got any idea what the problem might be with the new formula?

@karel Maybe you can say something about this?

Hey Pazu, hmm if you’re feeling sick it might be an allergic reaction? Do you know for sure that the shake causes it? The ingredients are common and widely used, also most are used in previous versions of our shake.

I managed to correct my issue by adding more fibers to the shake in the form of psyllium powder/husks. They are a soluble fiber source and I add a teaspoon to every shake. My stool has improved so much that I hardly have to wipe more than once anymore. So my problem turned out to be not enough fibers which, if you look around the web is a problem very consistent with people who drink these kinds of shakes.

Thanks for all the assistance - I’ve conducted some experiments over the weekend and can confirm that it’s nothing to do with Plenny. In short I doubled-down and only ate Plenny for a couple of days with nothing else besides a little fruit juice. I’ve never felt better, so it certainly isn’t the Plenny that’s upsetting me. I now need to start re-introducing the other things I have been eating recently to find the culprit…

Apologies for pointing fingers - keep the good work with Plenny, I’m very happy that I can continue using it :smile:


Thanks for that update Pazu, so glad to hear the Plenny Shake is working so well for you!! Hope you find the problem soon, let us know when you do :blush: