Plenny Pot digestion issue anyone?

Hello to all!

I’m sooo sad because I LOVE those pots, but it seems like each time I eat one of them , I have a terrible time to digest them and I just… go n2 liquid style.

Am I the only one? :’( I try to mix them with rice or mashed potatoes or couscous, but to no avail.

I have to try them yet (with my next batch).
Did you see any ingredient different from the other products you tried before (shakes, drinks or bars)? :thinking:

Good question from @Mr.Floppy. Do you also have this issue with other Plenny Meals? And is it still going on? I personally don’t experience this, but everyone responds to different ingredients in different ways :man_shrugging:

I had a little bit digestion issues with them, but my stomach is always giving my problems and it wasn’t sever enough for me to notice very much, so chalk me up as a "maybe.

However, I had a few small “wooden” pieces in several of the pots (like broken pieces of toothpicks 1-2 cm long) which turned me off the pots completely.

plenny bars are the best


Sounds like a allergy to something in the pots, do you have the same on the shakes ?
I find the pots fall heavy on my stomach, after couple of bites and that feeling puts me off and stops me from eating more.
so i pretty sure that if i finish one I get nr2 liquid style.

While there shakes i eat for months, switching back to solid food mostly upsets my system for a couple of days, but that normal after long periods of liquid food.

Thank you all for your replies!

No, I haven’t really looked into the specific composition or difference between the shakes and the pots… But I’ve never had any issues with any other plenny products, which is really odd (and too bad… doesn’t stop me from eating them though haha).

At first glance, there are quite a lot of differences in the composition of shakes and pots. So it could be just silly old me.

with all the hot spicy there is in it , i don’t get surprised !!