Plenny pot review

Just finished my first six boxes of Plenny pots, two of each flavour.

I really love the whole concept and the formula, it’s pretty damn awesome! So easy to prepare and amazing how thick and tasty it gets after a while. I really like that they all are a bit spicy. Just like any other freeze dried food it’s perfect for bringing on adventures and just boil the water on the camping stove.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I realised it’s pretty easy to add some more rice or pasta if you wanna have a bigger meal with more calories.

My absolute favourite is the Creamy Cajun Pasta, then the Vegetable Korma Rice and last the Tikka Masala which I didn’t really like.

Looking forward to some more flavours in the future, preferably another pasta variant or something completely different. Could also be an idea to come up with something a bit milder for people who are not into spicy food.


I was also looking forward to try the new Pizza bar and Korma/Masala pots, but I guess today is not my day. One of the Cajun pots (delicious!!!) was already opened and the content scattered all over the box.

I ordered both, the Tikka Masala and Vegetable Korma Rice and I love them like heck. I hate mushrooms tho.

They are really great if you like indian cuisine or general chicken curry rice (which is what they taste like imo).

Great Job!

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+1. Cajun Pasta is nice because it has the pasta pieces that are a bit bigger than rice. I also like the spiciness and taste of the Vegatable Korma. I’m not going to order Tikka Masala again, it wasn’t horrible (I finished the six pots I got) but it’s not for me.

Yeah this would be great. I like that they’re spicy, but my gf thinks it’s too much. She’d probably like a milder variant.


OK, now I have also tried all three pots. Cajun is definitively the best, doesnt even taste like an instant meal. Korma is also very good, but a more spicy version would be even better. I will definitively order again.

On the other hand, tikka masala is not really my thing. I will finish the pots (tikka masala), but I will probably not order it anymore.

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Can only chime in from my first experience now.
I chose Tikka Masala and I think it’s very enjoyable. Good amount of spiciness and tang, and good eating experience overall.

Only thing I noticed is a rather chalky feel on the palate and tongue after eating. Is this just me, just the tikka masala version, or is it common with all the pots?

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hey! I am very sorry this happened. Please, send us an email to so we can assist you with this inconvenient :man_cook:

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Don’t worry, already solved.

Anyway, after eating the Cajun Pot, I have been thinking about these hot meals (Jimmy Joy or Huel). One of my main issues is the form of the carbohydrates. I have tried the three Plenny pots and the first three Hot&Savory Huel bags, and hands down, the best hot meals were Cajun and Korma Plenny pots. This is probably due to pasta and rice being used as a base for CH. The remaining meals can be tasty (or not), but they have a consistency of a paste. This is why I really don’t like Tikka Masala plenny pot. I am sure there are some challenges of using noodles in these hot meals, but I believe it would be a huge advantage in comparison with other brands like Huel, since it is easier to include pasta in a pot. And of course, Vita Ramen probably still wont ship to EU for some time.

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Hi @mistoph! To avoid the powdery sensation, I suggest you to mix very well and leave the pot resting for 10 more minutes. That should solve the issue. Let us know if it worked for you :slight_smile:

Indeed, to have some texture in the pot gives it a bonus point! The traditional noodles are such a nice and comforting meal, and having them nutritionally complete would make them awesome! Thanks for your feedback :drooling_face: :star_struck:

Mine were also not intact :frowning:

Three out of the six were breached

Yeah, I again had one opened.

If this is a continuous problem for several people, they should consider making the lid glue stronger and/or including padding in the box so they dont move around violently enough to break open.

Been ordering them non-stop and this never happened to me. Is your delivery service playing streetball with the boxes? :astonished:

That’s a good advice, one of my first ones wasn’t thoroughly mixed as well cause I stirred like once and then let it rest. But if you stirr it well and let it rest for a couple of minutes it becomes a very tasty paste. :joy:

Even if they are, there should be enough padding in the box so this doesn’t happen.

You can never rely on delivery services being gentle :slight_smile: