NEW: Plenny Pot XL v1.0 [EU only for now]

Can you guess what we’ve got in store for you?
Here’s a hint: it’s going to be BIGGER than ever!


PlennyPot in bulk bag. Its been requested for ages, and youre not being very subtle :wink:

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I’m more excited for the new flavours.
I couldn’t care less for a bulk bag, in fact I’m relieved the current Pots will continue.

So, please, Mac n’ Cheese :pray:t2:


They’re already live in the web.
No new flavours for the “old” pots :unamused:

Thank you. Now it’s pretty obvious you’re going to discontinue them.

A little birdie told us you wanted to enjoy our instant hot meals in a brand new fashion. We hurried to grant your wish, because who are we not to listen to little birdies!? Without further ado we present…

✨ Plenny Pot in a Bag ✨

From now on, you can get your Plenny Pot in one BIG bag to scoop from. At only € 2,97 per meal.

And to celebrate the Plenny Pot XL launch, we’re introducing two brand new flavours!

New: :confetti_ball: Plenny Pot XL Mushroom & Buckwheat Risotto :confetti_ball:
New: :confetti_ball: Plenny Pot XL Satay Noodles :confetti_ball:

Try out today: Plenny Pot XL v1.0 – Jimmy Joy


Excited for the new flavours… not so much for the big bags. I’m afraid that’s a hard pass for me :confused:

I’ll likely buy more because of the new bulk offering, as although I’ve bought the single portions in the past, I’ve thought them a bit expensive for what they are and the waste of the disposable packaging put me off too.

With the bulk packaging you have the option of making a bigger meal just by adding say another half/one scoop. In that scenario Question for JJ - what would be needed in this case. I’d be doubling the water and think waiting 5 mins is still ok or would it need to be longer?

Tip for non veggies here - partly due to 400kcal not being enough for what I wanted at the time, I’ve done the usual prep and then when the pot is ‘waiting 5 mins’ I’ve added some tinned fish - mackerel for example.

Makes it more of a main meal of the day in terms of calories and if you’ve chosen fish in a sauce - you get the flavour enhancement there too.

Is there any way to add the Reusable Jimmy Joy Pot to a subscription order, or do I have to place a regular order for that? And if I place a regular order, does me being a recurring customer prevent me from using the “Free Reusable Jimmy Joy Pot (new customers only)” offer, or does me being a new customer of that product count? :slight_smile:

I’m curious about why people are willing to pay so much more for these per meal. Is it the hotness? Flavor? What?

I haven’t tried this XL variant yet, but I like the plennypots because I get to chew on things for a change, without either the extra work or the low nutritional value that other options would bring. I say plennypots plural, but let’s be real, I only eat the vegetable korma rice variant.

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I’m interested in the XLs because the individual pots seemed so wasteful on packaging. However, the pricing (for UK at least) seems rather curious.

If I add 60 meals worth of XLs to my basket, the price is £181.92 as single purchase and £178.02 on subscription, which is only a 2.14% discount, and not 15% as stated.

If I add 60 meals worth of the individual pots, the price is £208.00 as single purchase, and £176.80 on subscription.

So, buying individual pots on subscription seems cheaper than the bulk XL bags!

hey rtuk! Consider adding 50ml of water for an extra half scoop or 100ml for an extra scoop. Waiting for 5 minutes should work fine. And thanks for sharing the tips!

Hey Martin! In this situation, it’s best if you contact us through the website’s live chat or send an email to with your request so we can add it to your order :grinning:

Thanks Laura.

I got the calcs a little wrong - with my double the water comment - appreciate the correction :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hadn’t looked at the pricing yet as my next subscription is still a way out.

You seem to have identified something dharkhig - maybe its unintentional?

As a fellow UK user I’m interested in what JJ say too.

I really like this new product because the sweet bars and snacks are more suitable in my opinion for a lunch or a breakfast but not a savoury dinner. Also I think the 400 kcal meal portions are a bit small for adult males so I like that you can easily increase the portion size. I do have 2 questions however;

  • What is the shelf life of the XL bags after opening? It seems this is not mentioned on the product page. I would like to know this because I could imagine it will take a few weeks to consume an entire bag.

  • Secondly I think the pricing is a bit high. I understand that making these meals is more expensive than making shakes. However an average adult male needs 2500 kcal per day. I use Jimmy Joy because I want an easy and quick dinner so I do not want to make a side salad or a big desert. I want to eat my Jimmy Joy Plenny Pot and maybe a piece of fruit.

So my Plenny pot should contain at least 600 kcal to make it a decent meal if I want to eat 3 big meals a day and some small snacks. However this means my Plenny Pot XL bag meal will approximately cost me 4,50 per meal for a 600 kcal meal with a subscription. This is more expensive then some of the fresh and frozen meals in my supermarket with comparable nutritional values.

Of course Jimmy Joy Plenny Pots are more sustainable, healthy and maybe more convenient since fresh meals have a short shelf life and frozen meals need a fridge to be stored and need a longer preparation time. However on the other side the supermarket meals offer a better taste experience in terms of texture because of the bigger sized ingredients. So I think that the pricing point could be a little bit better.

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This is an error in the Javascript the currency converter is using, identified by our developers and they’re on it to sort it out. The prices in the cart should reflect the right ones though, so it’s just a visibility thing, you will not be overcharged.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for bringing it to our attention! :green_heart:

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Thanks for your questions and feedback!

The Pot XL, if closed properly and kept in a cool, dry spot, will be good at least until the expiration date noted on the bag.

Your point for the pricing is clear, but we would take on the challenge with those supermarket alternatives any day when it comes to the contents. We still have to find the one that matches our ingredients in combination with the price offered for it. Sorry to leave it at that, but the price is set and there’s not much to be done about that. As a loyal customer though, you will be earning Time Tokens with every order and those can be redeemed for discount codes that can be applied over the 15% discount you already get on a subscription. That may be the way to go to get the costs down for you on average.

Feel free to check in with us on the Live Chat or to see what options we would have in your case for those.


So, I added the XL meals to my cart, and indeed the price shown then reduced to the (I believe) correct one with full 15% discount applied.

However, as soon as I click “checkout” the price goes back to the original one with only 2.14% discount… Needless to say, I did not continue :smiley:

Oops, my mistake. :smiley: It turns out the “checkout” price is in Euros, when all earlier screens showed pounds. And it just so happens that the conversion rate is pretty much the same as the discount rate, so ignoring the currency symbol it looked like the price had reverted.

All is well - have now placed my order :slight_smile:

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