Bulk Bag of Plenny Pot?

Ok, I might be jumping the gun here since I only ate one Plenny Pot so far (just finished Tikka Masala and it was yummy), but I’d love to see bagged versions of the Plenny Pot meals.

The pots are convenient for sure, but there’s plenty of cases where you just wanna scoop it in a mug, or plate and add your hot water. Especially if you’re on the move a lot, spending a longer time in the outdoors, or traveling. The pots themselves are a bit flimsy and take a lot of space.

I’d be happy to just measure out a certain amount of meals into a ziplock bag and take it with me, or then have it take less space at home in a bag rather than pots.

Just thinking out loud here, and am sure there are others that might find the appeal in this.

Any plans for this?


We’re definitely considering a bulk bag for the Pots, but for now we’ll be selling them as pre-measured 400 kcal meals!


I’m with you. The plenny shake philosophy would fit greatly, although I have some regards about ending with all the big chunks at the top and all the spices at the bottom… :thinking:

Yeah, that’s one of the reasons why I actually prefer pots.

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Totally agree. Stick to the pots, that’s the only way to make sure you’re getting the right mix (so, the proper calories and macros) with each meal.

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That’s exactly why we chose these pre-measured pots over bulk bags

I agree with bagged versions, its not too hard to measure out like “1 scoop is 200g” (for example), like with the Huel hot and savoury. I find that 1.5 servings worth of Huel is perfect for me, but I’m limited to 2 servings of plenny pot per meal (1 is too little), it would be nice to have the same flexibility (I tip it out into a shaker first so that clumps don’t form at the bottom)

As some have said about the “bits” separating, shaking the bag before mixing seems to do the job for Huel. I stick primarily to the Huel version at the moment because of the serving sizes. It would be nice also to have some bulk saving options for buying in large quantities (because I totally would - esp with Brexit shipping delays right now).

Finally, waste, one of the reasons for big shake bags was to cut down on waste, it feels bad to see the bin filled with so many pots (even if they are recyclable)

I can see why you’d prefer the right portion sizes. But what about putting those portions in sachet-like packaging? Would save a tremendous amount of packaging materials and shipping costs. The one box that contains 6 pots now, could probably hold 3 times as much , if not more.

Very good point indeed!
I can not yet go into details, but we’re working on it. We’ll keep everyone posted on developments as they go, thanks for the input!


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