Plenny Shakes in bigger bags

Why don’t you offer normal Plenny Shakes in big bags, similar to the active version?
I have a subscription for the Active and would actually like to try some of the flavours offered in the normal version, however, I hate those small bags because of the unnecessary plastic waste and how inconvenient it is to scoop inside them.

They actually used to be 5 meals per bag until we decided to double the size.

We have thought about increasing the Plenny Shake bags to 25 meals but during our survey, the general feedback was that 10 meals would be the ideal mix of benefits.

There are also some downsides to having bigger bags. One of them is having to pay more to try a new flavor that you would potentially not like. Obviously, the benefit would be less packaging waste and easier scooping.

Thanks for your feedback! We will take it into consideration during the development of the new Plenny Shake formula.