We need smaller samples

I mainly use the plenny shake active, where each bag costs nearly 40euros. now thats fine long term because the price per meal is quite good, the problem comes when you want to try a different flavour. if you buy a flavour you dislike, that’s 40euro goes in the bin. even for a plenny shake its still 14euros which is quite a waste if you cant eat any of it. and thats ignoring the massive waste of food.

I think it would be a good idea to add small packets of a few euros containing maybe 1-2 meals, just to know if you like it. so if youre subscribed, you can just add one of those to your order, and get that flavour with your next order if you like it.

the reason i come with this is because i recently ordered a vanilla flavoured bag with the chocolate one i tried before. i didnt think much of it at first because vanilla is usually a “safe” flavour, but unfortunately it didnt work out like that. I’ll be able to finish it (im waaaay too poor to let 38euros worth of food go to waste lol) but i am quite hesitant to try another flavour now, but i also dont want to have just 1 flavour for weeks or months on end.

would be great if you guys found a solution to this!

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This is a general problem with meal replacement companies. It’s the same for almost every brand. Comparatively JJ is still good, though.

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really? thats very unfortunate. i am curious what the reason for this would be, cant imagine im te first one to come up with this issue lol

I think they want to bind customers by forcing them to buy large bulks. Some also argue that customers almost never like their products in the beginning and have to get used to it before they learn to appreciate it - as if they had to force their customers to do what is good for them. With Huel it’s even worse, the minimum purchase amount is about 3.4 kg.

Of course this is rather arrogant, but as long as most brands to that they get no competitive disadvantage it seems.

One thing that others offer which can’t be found at JJ is a bulk discount.

No small samples and no bulk discount really seems to be a very very bad combination.

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oof that sucks a lot. im struggling to get through my package and this does make me hesitate to continue my subscription. that marketing seems kind of counter intuitive but they’ve done the maths so maybe it does generate more profit

One thing that others offer which can’t be found at JJ is a bulk discount.

this is fine imo, the general price of JJ is a lot lower then their competition, even without the subscription discount.

the mods here are usually pretty active so i am expecting a reply from them, at least would want to hear their explanation for what sort of issues there would be

JJ without bulk discount is still cheaper than many competitors.

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