I received a free single serving Plenny Shake today! When did this become a thing?

I received this single serving banana flavored Plenny Shake with my regular monthly order. I can’t find them for sale on the website - is this a prototype?

I tried to join the product testers group but didn’t get in. I’m always glad to get new stuff from Double-J!

I will post impressions soon although I suspect it is the normal formula.


23 AM

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Yeah it popped up some time ago in an Instagram story, but I couldn’t find any info anywhere.

My guess is prototype. I think it’s a cool idea, although I’m a little concerned about the extra waste it would lead to, compared to the classic bags (which also changed composition as of recently… maybe recyclable plastic now? Question mark?).

Interested in hearing your first-hand review!

I got this same thing in my latest delivery. It looks to be balance to the 1/5th ratio they have said they will be moving to instead of the 1/3rd, so perhaps it is meant as a means of getting early feedback from people.

It does pose many questions: I know currently in the bag for they tend to add more than what the bad says it has, which in these bottle forms could make tracking your specific calorie intake more tedious rather than less unless they get better at measuring the amounts that go into each bottle.

And as ganthritor said this as the norm would generate more waste and presumable more cost between the more plastic being used and there’s a lot more air to substance ration for delivery so packages could be significantly larger though I don’t know that that would effect the cost of shipping.

It would be convenient having it already parsed out but I’d have 6 shakers I’ve bought at this point for no reason. and I’d much rather separate the services myself than see a price increase occur.

I don’t particularly mind if they switch to 5 meals a day instead of 3 generally speaking. And maybe I’m just reading to much into all of this and should just enjoy my free drink.

We did a promotion with the powder here in Amsterdam. Since it’s a really hassle to mix the powder at the event we decided to a different way to introduce new people to the wonderful world of powdered meals. We ended up producing too many bottles. Throwing them away would be a shame so we decided to just throw them into every order as a free meal :slight_smile:

Since it’s big impact on the planet to pack each 400 kcal meal into a plastic bottle i don’t expect we will be selling in this format anytime soon.

But now since we are on the subject. What do you guys think about the 100 gram + 300 ml water small meal meal suggestions?


It’s cool seeing you guys try out new formats!

Regarding the 100g (400 kcal) meal suggestion… it’s kind of a middle-ground solution that really doesn’t fit my current needs:

  1. I usually have 150g (600 kcal) Plenny shakes at lunch and after workout, plus a pre-workout snack (fruit) and a “regular” dinner in the evening with the fiancee.
  2. I am planning to replace the snack with half a Twennybar… in this case, 400 kcal would be a little too much.

My girlfriend finds Twennybars to be oversized, too (she used to love one of your competitors’ bars, around 200 kcal each), but we understand that you would have to change the name, and it’s kind of a bummer :stuck_out_tongue:

Prior to starting to use Plenny shake I was drinking Soylent which is set up for the 5 meals per day system as appose the the 3. related to this particular distinction the 5 meal split did seem to keep me more steadily satisfied…not full but also never particularly hungry (when I stuck to my schedule.)
On 3 meals per day I definitely notice a bit more of ups and downs: full right after, hungry just before a meal.

The change is minor but noticeable. And alone favors the 5 meal set up.

But as is I have one Plenny Shake in the morning, 1 at work, and 1 when I get home, meaning I only need to bring one prepped shaker to work. With a change to 5 meals set ups I would be bringing 3 shakers to work each day. A minor and notable change that favors the 3 meals.

Ultimately this is more detail that necessary to say I’m fine either way presuming all else remains equal.

It would be a cool idea to make a smaller bar. They could even call it a Tennybar! I don’t think it should replace the Twennybars though, I quite like those.

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Haha good idea! I’m not sure it would be advisable to have distinct products with such similar names, though.
Maybe there is a pun involving the fact that’s a smaller bar, or that it’s 200 kcal instead of 400.