Bigger Plenny Drink Bottles. (1.5l = 1 day?)


I’ve been using Plenny Shake for years back when 1.0 was available, and stopped two years ago when I swapped jobs. Either way, now I’m back to Plenny Shake again and I was able to taste the Plenny Drink which I didn’t try before and I have to admit that its taste is really amazing.

It doesn’t have the sandy taste of the shake, it’s very easy to drink and it has all the nutrients like the Plenny Shake.

I was wondering if you’re considering in making bigger Plenny Drink bottles, so instead of having to drink 5 little Tetra Briks of 330ml per day, I just can drink one of 1650ml instead in 5 serves around the day, (maybe get it a bit denser and fit into a Tetra Brik of 1.5l of Plenny Drink)

This way it’s easier to store in the fridge door, and one bottle means one day of complete foods.

Maybe with bigger briks its price can lower a bit due to less bottles being used. This way we also keep the world cleaner and Plenny Drink can be more accesible to everyone since compared to Plenny Shake, right now it’s way more expensive and people MUST try it at least once because the taste it’s smooth texture has nothing to do with Plenny Shake.

Thanks in advance.

I’m a 1 meal 1 container kind of guy, but anything that can make Plenny Drinks cheaper I’m up for it. I agree that the Drinks are very pleasant in both the taste and the texture, while I sadly can’t stand the Shakes.

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Hi @TKOnem, thanks for your question/suggestion!

As @mediterranean commented as well, most of our customers like the portion-sized packaging.
This does not mean your suggestion is out the window straight away, it will for sure end up on the R&D department desks, but it is more a demand question in this case. So I’ve noted it down and hopefully for you, we will get more requests of the kind. For now, there’s no plans to adjust the packaging/portion-size.

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