Plenny Shake: 5 meals pr. day (5x400 cal) vs 3 meals pr. day (3x700 cal) = Defeats the entire purpose with JJ

Most of the time I have been on ■■■■■■■/jj, but I like to experiment and try new stuff. So I have also tried the other future food companies. The last I tried was Huel. Which compared to JJ I had difficulties getting down because of the taste/thickness.

So I naturally wanted back, as last time I was on JJ, it was much thinner, and tasted much better.

So I went into the shop and saw all this fuzz about the new formula.

Last time when I bought 90 meals, it means 30 bags, because 1 bag was equal one day of food supplies. So naturally when I saw it said 90 meals, and then 18 bags, I just quickly assumed, okay, they have made bigger bags like huel to save some plastic in the cost, but the same content meal wise.

So I obviously receive the new order I made in my haste, and it went up for me something is changed.

Now a meal is considered 400 calories, for 5 meals pr. day. This just wastes a lot of time for me. Because now I have to sit down and measure a lot of stuff on my own hand, to find the new balance with 3 meals pr. day or 700 calories ish, pr. meal.

I thought this product was about the ease of eating. Ease means doing things the most easy and effective way. Eating 3 times pr. day is easy. Eating 5 times pr. day with mini 400 cal meals just means more time, and more energy spend on making the shakes, drinking them, and cleaning them.

Isn’t that defeating the entire purpose of eating this way?

Edit: I am well aware 3.5 scoop is still 700 calories. - Now the issue is just that there’s less in the bag compared to before. Missing 100 calories + less proteins to keep you full potentially. Everything is just getting more complicated.

The main focus should still be about 3 meals as it is the clearly easiest way of living, and spending time eating. Which it is all about.

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I think while this may work for you, many will struggle having to eat 700kcal meals only 3 times. Some do better with smaller meals. Smaller meals also mean more flexiblity in terms of when you can eat. So for them it will be “easier”.

It is also the case that most people won’t use JJ for all their calories. It is more likely that they will replace breakfast or lunch (or both) but not all meals during the day.

If you are looking for three meals I would recommend you doing 3 scoops, 3 scoops and 4 scoops. The issue with the bags will persist, but if you have enough supplies passing the one that is almost empty to the new one should be no issue. If not, buy a storage container that seals well and put all your JJ there.

If not convinced and you are looking for 700kcal meals I would recommend you:
1- Satislent. Flavours are pretty mild and oaty. Price is similar to JJ, but the shakes are thick.
2-Runtime Next Level Meal. Some of the best flavours out there. It is not vegan, and it is a bit pricier than JJ but it is a thin shake.
3- Queal Standard. Their meals are also700kcal, slightly more expensive as JJ, but they also have more flavours.

I am not saying these brands are the only ones, but the ones I’ve tried. Still, if I think you could get around consuming JJ, if you find a comfortable way of doing so.

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I feel your frustration at the unnecessary change. However I have never done meals as single shakers. I have always mixed one complete bag in a 2L pitcher to make ~2000kcal at once. Then you can portion it out in any units you like, including little snacks, big meals, whatever.

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Interesting idea, never thought about that. Thanks!

Why do you have to only make shakes in the size listed on the bag? Sometimes I make 200 gram shakes. Sometimes 150g. Sometimes 225g. I will make any size I feel like. Make them any size you want. The number they print on the bag is irrelevant when determining how big you want your shake to be. You’re in control of your own portion size.

It’s just as easy whether they print 400 or 700 on the bag. That shouldn’t change anything you do regarding ease of making a shake or what your shake size is. They could make the serving size be 100 calories with 20 servings per bag and it wouldn’t change anything. It’s on you to make the shakes how you want.

We have different size shakers for larger or smaller meals. It is a requirement for the labeling to specify a meal but you can take as much or little out of a bag as you like.