How do you use JJ?

Is anyone here on a 100% JJ diet? Or how much percent of your diet consists of JJ products? Which products and flavours do you use?
What are your recommendations?

I have not used JJ longterm however other products very simular to JJ. And it works good, if it’s first time drinking these kinds of things I would definitely drink the first ones very slowly as it is alot of calories and fibers in couple of glugs and it might make you stummich not happy at all at first.

I’m gonna try to eat almost only JJ for a month now + a bowl of oat meal meal to make it a tad bit cheaper for my broken wallet so two drinks a day + a bar. Here is a review of the products in my opinion:

Fast! Well, Sweden to Netherlands are usually fast so can’t say much but the packing the thing and sending it away was fast, the day after and I orderd after 3 pm.

Shake flavors i orderd: Coffee, banana, chai and coffee.

The powder don’t clump at least for me, water first powder last shake like your life depends on it. If you drink it directly it can be a little bit chalky / flour like maybe but not much at all let it stand 10 minutes defentily. If we don’t think about the flavors and only the powder taste it is very oaty for me almost a little bit nutty. I really like the mouthfeel and taste towards other brands.

The flavors, the are not sweet at all and very mellow and not strong at all. In one way I kinda wish the flavor could be a little bit stronger and maybe a tiny bit sweeter but in second hand i think a more mellow / less strong flavor works better in the long run especially if you drink it often because it is supposed to be food and not candy and you won’t get tired of it.

You can spruce these things up very easily with things you might have at home. For the coffee one add some instant coffee powder and shake and you have more coffee flavor. For the chai, a sprinkle of cinnamon was amazing. If you want something a little bit sweeter sometimes, a very small splash of agave syrup does amazing.

The bars? Omg. This is what I have been looking for. The salty caramel is amazing, I love the chew and it not being sick sweet but the almond and fig is a winner in my book I could eat only those for the rest of my life. The are not anything like those boring protein bars in stores that are not even good for you these are a winner for sure. :drooling_face:

So for me Jimmy is a def winner. Price is amazing, very fun community and staff and the flavor is great and is in my opinion tuned for being drinked for a longer time without getting tired of it or being artifical or too sweet.


great tips @Timtheoatman !

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Doing daily breakfast shakes, and occasionally other meals.
Been through shakes with coffee, chai, banana and vanilla, and best tip is to do vanilla with crushed ice and a shot of espresso.
Shake and let it sit for 20 minutes. Simply delicious!
Pots, even though more expenssive than shakes, are a very good alternative to ready-to-eat salads for a lunch pack, and cheaper by that comparison.
Enjoy! :blush:

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I take in 2200kcal of J2 Active Neutral every day.
2x700kcal blender bottles and 2x400kcal blender bottles. I prepare 2-3 days worth at a time and refrigerate. I supplement that with 2-400kcal of whatever happens to come my way.

On the exceedingly rare day that I consume more significant amounts of muggle food, I skip one or more bottles and roll them into the next day.

I work out a lot so this system has maintained my weight for years now.

What are the most popular flavours? And how many percent of your sales are non-shake products? I am still not sure what would be best to try.

I use the mango, vanilla, banana and strawberry flavors of the basic shakes. I have 3-6 solid food meals a weak, the rest is all shakes. JJ provided a very convenient calorie intake table so I’m using that as reference. I think I don’t make it to 2000kcal most days even though that is recommended for my weight/height. I haven’t tried the other products because I value price and convenience the most and I always favor the shakes because of that.