New to JJ sent for trial

Hi, New to JJ, just ordered a trial and eagerly awaiting delivery. It was a choice between JJ and Huel. Need to lose a bit of timber and try eat a bit healthier if im honest. Any hints or tips on what I should and shouldn’t do? TIA.

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Welcome on board :slight_smile:

If you’re used to big meals and want to loose weight, I urge you to get ready to be hungry for the first one or two weeks. Switching to a liquid diet feels more “empty” at the beginning, but you get used to it very fast in my humble opinion.

I’d also say start with 600kcal shakes and see if that’s enough to get you there and drink it SLOWLY :wink: 400 definitely left me wanting more and I am not big by any means. (185cm and 75kg).

In the end, when I switched to 100% JJ, I also got very unsatisifed after about a month, but having 1 “real” meal in between either for lunch or dinner definitely kept the food cravings at bay.

Also don’t forget to take another Vitamin D supplement (a vegan D3 is arguably the best), as you won’t get enough from JJ, unless you’re in the sun daily.

Good luck and let us know how you get on! <3


couldn’t have said it better myself, great tips !

Hi from another newbie.
I really enjoy Huel. Nothing to exciting the flavor but I usually blend it with fruits to make it better whenever I get bored of the taste. The chocolate flavor boost is pretty good.

I just finished my first two bags and will reorder soon. It’s a very nutritionally complete meal from what I understand and I definitely feel that way since I’ve been having it for breakfast and lunch almost every day.

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Sounds good! Have you tried Jimmy Joy, too? Interested to find out how they compare, in your opinion :smiley: