Well, someone got me hooked

Hi all,

I am a software consultant who is mostly working all day long, and hates to cook all by itself. Most of my issue is to eat healthy, which is sometimes a bit tricky when you get home and just feel like putting a pizza in the oven and stretch your legs. I have heard about “Soylent” and “Jimmy Joy” before, a friend offered me a bag to try it out, however at that time I was unsure if I should do it or not. Soylent did not really feel like something I want to drink and was rather expensive on shipping…

Last weekend however, my mum came home with a bag of Jimmy Joy, not knowing what it actually was. Someone left it at the store with a label “free to try”. I know from my mother that she has a diet drink that she regularly drinks next to her normal meals, so I compared them and noticed actually that there was not really any difference between them, other than the fact that it required milk instead of water. Since my mother did not know exactly what it was, and I wanted to try it out, I decided to take it home and try it myself, since I hate diet drinks but I was curious if it would help me lose some weight and prevent me from eating unhealthy snacks all the time.

I have to say, despite the flavor being a bit weird, it does not taste that bad. I would say it would taste a bit like “Brinta” (wheat flour) with chocolate mixed in them. I found out from experience that the 170g + 500ml was WAY overkill for me, got myself a bloated stomach. I am now trying out 100g + 400ml in the hopes that it would be better (it did taste better). If people have suggestions or even have good advice on how to get the most out of it, then it would be really helpful. I am hooked, thanks to the anonymous donor who was willing enough to give my mother a free sample bag.

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Heya :smiley: And welcome to the forums!

Sadly, I don’t have any Jimmy Joy-related good advice for ya. Now I feel useless and sad and I’ll be in my corner. :cry: :laughing:


I know this is technically necromancy but here is a handy webpage to calculate different serving sizes for jimmy joy based on calories