Two french colleagues starting their Jimmy Joy adventure

Hi ! We are two french guys who started Jimmy Joy at work.

We just opened our first bags, and we love the taste (It was suprisingly tasty !). I tried mango and my colleague tried strawberry.

We ordered Jimmy Joy to have healtier meals, and also quickier, after we go to the gym in the lunch time.

We were thinking about only using Jimmy Joy on office lunches, it that a good way to start ?


Welcome Marc (and your friend)! You make me jelous that you got already your first order, mine is coming this week! Argh ^^

And that’s a great way to start, only replacing some meals as your stomach gets used to Jimmy Joy, later if it works well with you feel free to eat more :yum:

We splitted the bag’s content in three equal parts, but that’s maybe not the right thing to do, considering the three meals of a day should not be of the same size ?

I currently am hungry :wink:

It deppends of you, for example I almost don’t eat breakfast, then eat A LOT on the lunch and medium at the supper. I mean, you need to see it as normal food, eat what you need!

Also, you can calculate the kcal you need per day, the medium is 2000/2500 for men, maybe you can add more Jimmy Joy to don’t get hungry

Add some Rum in your mango Jimmy Joy: even tastier. Really good for the evening shake.

Another tip: if you put the powder first then the water there are huge probabilities some block in a corner won’t be easy to mix. So put 100 to 150mL of water first then the powder and complete with more water. No more “powder block of death”.

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Thanks Ouronok for the warm welcome and these advices. I’ll adjust my consumption tomorrow accordingly.

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@Arkh, I didn’t have any problem mixing my plenny shake after addind the powder. My colleague had, though.

The rum is a good idea, but I’ll must sneak the bottle at work first !

You might wanna prepare your shake a few hours in advance so that the consistency increases a little, as the fibers absorb more water with time. It should reduce your hunger after drinking your shake.
+:fr: :grin:

@truck, too late for this lunch, but I’ll keep it in mind for tomorrow !