Low calories. Idea?

I’ve been thinking about nutrition recently and realised that if you tailor future foods to your own calorie-usage then you are actually losing nutrition.

The bags Jimmy Joy sell are meant to last one day, and contain 2100kcal. I am basically a couch-potato. I walk every day for about an hour, including a long uphill stretch, but that’s the limit of my exercise. If I eat a full bag every day, my weight goes up.

I have been eating (and being satisfied by) about a half portion every day for the last month, losing between 100g and 200g of weight every day, which is what I want as I am overweight.

However, this means that I am only getting 50% of the RDA of /everything/. So sometimes, I feel tired or weak or fuzzy-minded, and have to fix that by having a proper full day’s worth.

I know that it’s too much to ask for personalised bags catered to the nutritional requirement of every person, but an idea you might consider is to have some very low calorie bags that are still 100% RDA of all the micronutrients.

That way, if I find that 1800kcal is right for me, then I can mix a ratio of the full-on bag with a low-cal bag, and know that I’m not missing out.


Thanks for your feedback! We consider making a low calorie version in the future, but we’re not sure yet, and definitely don’t know when this would be.

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I’m interested in a low calories version :slight_smile: .


I join the petition … personally, I only do one meal a day with Plenny shake for this reason

interested too!
currently doing 100g shakes instead of 173

@b.llanderas @david.ramallo great to her you guys would be interested! I’ll pass it on to the team :boom:


I hope it does not fall on deaf ears … :wink:

While I don’t disagree with you, for now, instead of taking in extra JJ find some multivitamins in tablet form, cut them in half and take one-half with your JJ every day.

That’s not a solution.

As far as I’m aware, there is no multi-vitamin tablet that provides every required vitamin and mineral in a 100% dosage, so by taking half ■■■■■■■ (still can’t bring myself to use a cartoon name for a serious food replacement…), half tablet, you will be underfeeding yourself on some of the more obscure requirements.

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That’s true, but since you’re losing weight, this is a short term plan I assume? (Btw great on you for investing in your health). If it’s longer than a few months then yeah I can see your point. But if you only eat a full bag now and then, and the rest of the days half a bag your deficiency might be even greater (if you’re never taking the extra multi). Do you take any multi atm?

I am losing weight at the moment, yes, but even when I’m finished, I would not go back to a full 2100kcal per day - I’m not active enough to burn that off, so I would need to have a lower calorie intake. So, this is not a short-term solution.

And no, I’m not taking a multi-vitamin tablet.

Instead, in the absence of a pre-packaged solution, I decided to create my own nutrition calculator (I’m a programmer), which can be adjusted to different requirements and will list common off-the-shelf ingredient mixtures that add up to the daily requirements. It already works.

That’s too much work for me (and you have to triple check and measure) but I’m glad it’s a solution for you. I think it would be ideal if there were multiple versions (1600kcal, 1800, 2000, 2200) but it’s a company, multiple versions will only be created if they expect it to sell well. And I can see a low cal version (makes a lot of sense, low cal, average, sporters/athletes), the question is how low cal? And even then it won’t fit a lot of people. I too feel like the standard bags are too high in calory (for me at least).


What about selling the vitamix separately, like what Super Body Fuel is doing? Theirs is aimed at people who are making their own, but it seems like a simpler way of making up the difference for varying calorie needs than mixing different ratios of regular to low-calorie versions. Maybe combined with some additional fiber, that would add some bulk to make it easier to measure as well as improving satiety for the folks who are eating less.


yeah. but my original point was that if there is a very low cal version (let’s say 1000kcal), it would be easy to build the right ratio.

take a 2100 bag (the normal bag), mix with 1000kcal, divide into two separate containers, each containing a day’s worth of 1550kcal, with exactly the right proportion of nutrition (or as close as Jօylent comes to it)

take two 2100s and one 1000. mix and divide into three containers. 1733kcal each.

for more exact kcal results, you would need more exact ratios.

That’s indeed one way to do it! We’ll probably stick to complete meal replacement products, but it’s indeed a smart workaround :slight_smile:

I am also interested in low calories shakes!

I would also interested in the Lower Calorie Version. What would also be good, if you could order the Nutrients and the Calorie Part of the Powder in different bags and mix it yourself for your liking, so you can mix the amount of Calories you want with your nutrients into your shakes.

The point would be to make the regular shakes complete for people who need fewer calories. Something like 1 tbsp micro+fiber mix containing equivalent micronutrients to 100 calories of the shake (or whatever specific measures work out best,) so it would be a nice simple conversion to complete the nutrition for any calorie level.

I guess it would depend on how much variability there is among people who want lower-calorie versions. If there’s a particular calorie level for a “light” version that would do it for most people, then the micromix add-on wouldn’t really be relevant.

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I hear what you’re saying here! I’ll definitely link our food technologist to this topic, so he can read your ideas.

yes, I will also be interested in low calories shakes!