Low calories. Idea?

I agree with @Metalmuehle and @Kae, just offer one additional product (e.g. 1000kcal) in one flavour (e.g. vanilla or perhaps the neutal flavour people have been asking for) and let people mix it however they want with the other PlennyShakes, or blended with other foods. It should still meet the same RDA as one packet of PlennyShake, but with less Calories.

You could even hold a naming contest in line with Plenny and Twenny. BlennyShake* for blending? SkennyShake* on the skim side? Or just HalfplennyShake, since a halfpenny is a thing.

Quite a few of us I’m sure are taking less PlennyShake than we should because we don’t burn 2100 kcal a day.

*If the ‘enny’ part isn’t crucial then BlendyShake and SkinnyShake may sound nicer

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I am also very interested in a low calories (daily count of 1300 kcal) version of Plenny shake!

Having a side complement for vitamins does not look too much a hassle, if necessary.

@isabel did you get any feedback from the food technologist, or the rest of the team who have an impact in this?

I’ve been cutting heavily lately and losing weight, but even before that I could never finish a whole bag in a day. I think there are a lot of potential customers who want to eat healthily but sparsely, or want to have normal food in-between, and can’t because JJ only targets 2100kcal.

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@pseudonymous Yes, we are taking it in consideration! We planned a temporary (at least for starters, maybe permanent if its a hit) version which is low on calories, can’t say when, but somewhere in 2018 .



Good to hear! If you cannot hint as to when, do you have an idea about what kind of calorie target it might aim at, and perhaps, which flavour?

Difficult to say yet, we first have to look what the options are for lowering the carbs etc.

Same here. Not trying to loose weight, but my appetite is very low in the mornings. I cannot tolerate a full JJ serving in the morning, while I have no problem at lunch and/or dinner time. Ultimately, there might be many reasons why people would want to use less powder, and it would indeed be nice if there was a version with less powder/calories, but the same nutritional content.

Glad to know the JJ staff is working on a low-calory version already! :slight_smile:

I’d love a low calorie Plenny Shake too. Preferably neutral flavour.

Hey Pseudonymous,

Next limited edition is going to be low calorie 1, i’m not gonna tell the flavor but calorie amount will be around 325 kcal per 100 gram.

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That’s great news! I think an (edit for 500g: )1625kcal per day intake will be ideal for many :slight_smile: Or will the package also be smaller? :open_mouth:

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Hi pseudonymous! Glad to hear you’re still excited :smiley: The package will not be smaller, it will be a 500 gram bag containing five meals of 325 kcal :slight_smile:

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I notice the new light variants are limited edition :open_mouth: are you guys still gauging interest? I’d love to see them become a permanent option!

A limited Edition is also a test whether the product works or not. If people really like it, we will take it into consideration to make it permanent.

What happened to this thread? I’ve lost weight recently, my calorie requirement has dropped, and now my calories requirement is below that of all plenny products and so the whole product line is off the menu.
Plenny active is lower carb but still presumes the same need of calories.

Hey @teknopaul, what is your current calorie intake per day? Our suggested meal size (and actual size of bar and drink) are 400kcal, which is relatively small so they can fit in almost any diet. The shakes are the most flexible as 1 scoop = 200kcal so you can easily go for a really small or bigger meal. I think it’s easiest to look at daily intake and then decide what % you want to take out of Plenny products.

We’re currently working on more content (blogs) around weight loss so if you’re interested in this topic make sure to keep an eye out or subscribe to our newsletter :slight_smile:

How did the test version go, and are there more products low-calorie comming? It would be great to adjust the macro’s and have it also as a snack :slight_smile:

Hey @Anne, thanks for stopping by! We currently have no plans to make a “low-calorie” version in the near future.

Good post, a lot of stuff in here i did not know about

Sorry to say that but you are taking it the wrong way
If you loose weight with 2100 kcal per day then you absolutely have to increase your exercise
2100 is low especially if you are overweighted
I personally am “lean” (13% body fat) and I loose weight when eating < 2500 … but I move a lot. It is important for your health, probably way more than temporarily not eating enough micronutrients

It really depends on the person, 2100 would be waaay to much for me (sedentary lifestyle with 4 intense work outs per week, 1.78m and 78 kg).