Big Bag pre-order

I wanted to make a formulation based on the community here on the forum and on the subreddit so here it is. It will take six weeks for the bags to be delivered. Because we’re self funded I decided to make a very attractive pre-order for anyone that buys now. I’ve set the price for the 10.000kcal big bag at 20,- EUR (25 meals of 400kcal) and will increase it with 2,50 EUR per week we get closer to launch.

16 to 21 October: 20,- EUR

22 to 28 October: 22,50 EUR

29 oct to 4 nov: 25,- EUR

5 to 11 nov: 27,50 EUR


I was about to place the order and noticed it’s just for the unflavoured. Any plans for the Vanilla one?

Ah no it was intended as unflavoured indeed. We could make a flavour pack with vanilla.

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Will these new bags contain the current formula or a new one?

The formula is new yet again. It is based on a discussion I had with our community on this forum and Reddit. If you click the link you will be able to see it.


So when will the flavor bags be there? And how many days are one bag meant to last, your 400 calorie thing, still fucks me up.

If you calculate with 2000 kcal a day than it is 5 meals of 400 kcal for one day. The bag has 25 meals which is 5 days.

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No matter what people might think about the price (it is awesome), the flavour (I think unflavoured is interesting) or the nutrition; I really appreciate your effort to listen to the community and build a shake based on that.


I am very interested in the big bags. And I need a refill of my jimmy joy right now, I am just a little hesitant about buying something without flavor, and hesistant about the flavor bags, if they will be as great as the normal taste.

I placed an order for a big bag and now I’m really looking foward to the flavour packs. Also, I was able to add a free shaker to my order, even if it’s not my first order, is that right?

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Soon some updates on the flavor bags?

Soon the 20th.

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Still no answer, now I can’t get the discount anymore. Annoying.

Oh boy, unflavored and in bulk — my 2 biggest wants! So, how do I pre-order as a US costumer?

(The new American site offers less and my original international account no longer allows for shipping…)

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I will be getting this unflavored and would check out flavor packs as well. If they don’t get offered, though, I’ll just throw generic Crystal Light in the blender with the JJ.

I really like the updated ingredients and nutritional values (especially protein content), and how this was formulated alongside user comments. Thanks guys!

Would you please update the ‘all’ page to include the new items?

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