Jimmyjoy for seniors

I am a woman of almost 66 years and have been using Jimmyjoy for almost 2 months now, 6 days per week and plan to continue this because I feel good this way.
The only worry I have is that I might get to many calories because I move less than younger people. Isn’t it an idea to start making bags for seniors with less of calories?
I don’t like to call it a light version, because I actually hate light products.
Since we are getting more and more seniors it might be an idea to try to get them interested in Jimmyjoy tonbegin with!

Eating less JimmyJoy might be another option as well. I’m short and skinny, and only need about 400g daily of JimmyJoy to maintain weight. Eating a full bag would only be needed for someone who needs 2100 calories per day to maintain weight.

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Just using a bit less like @Danny_L said should be fine :slight_smile: A light/less calorie version with the same numbers of vitamins is definitely a great idea, so we’ll take it into consideration!