Quick question: minimum calories but 100% nutrients

Quick question, please. I’m sure I read this somewhere but I don’t know where right now. Let’s say I only eat Jimmy Joy products during one day, nothing else. I don’t mean I will actually do this, but let’s just say I do. How many Jimmy Joy products should I consume during that day in order to get 100% of the nutrients that my body needs, but at the same time consume the least amount of calories possible?

You would then eat 3 meals, each of them in their advised portion size and cover all the daily nutrients and vitamins needed.
The meals are based on an average adult and I think you would be helped with the following article for a more in-depth explanation: Beginner’s Guide to Nutrition – Jimmy Joy

Sorry, I don’t understand. Each Jimmy Joy product (whether Shake, Drink, Bar or Pot) is 400 calories. Am I correct? Are you saying that by eating only 3 of them (1200 calories total) in one day I get 100% of the nutrients that my body needs for the whole day?

They have a list of all the micronutrients for the products on the website. Typically one 400 cal serving covers 20-30% of the RDI for a given nutrient (see the list), but for others it’s way more, e.g. one shake will cover your full RDI for vitamin B12. There’s scientific disagreement about our protein needs (that’s discussed by some well-informed people somewhere on the forum), but 3 shakes is probably enough. 1200 calories daily definitely isn’t enough unless you lie in bed all day or want to lose weight quickly (and not necessaily healthily), so you’d need to consume either more shakes or something else to make up the shortfall.

JJ meals are calculated on a 2000 kcal/day basis. That means, if you want to have 100% of the nutrients, you have to eat 2000 kcal of JJ. You can divide this quantity by 3 (666 kcal per meal) or 4 (500 kcal per meal) or 5 (400 kcal per meal), as you prefer.

If you want to have 100% of the nutrients, but less calories, then you should ask JJ for a light recipe, which they don’t have yet.

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Thanks. A light recipe would indeed be awesome. I find that bars and pots are quite a lot of food (I can’t even finish pots).

Thanks for your feedback on this one guys, much appreciated!

The light-recipe, I think is a great suggestion, so I will forward this to our superstars in the R&D department as well.


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+1 on this light, low cal idea. I have been consuming a lot of plenny shakes over the past year and because I liked the taste I’ve been adding extra scoops. Right now I’m way overweight (bloated is another word for it) and would love a low cal shake to try and get rid of those extra kg. It would also help Jimmy Joy in reaching a new market (people who want to get rid of some pounds) and think that would appeal to many who gained during the past lockdowns.

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