Jimmy Joy 'Base' version?

Hello Jimmy Joy fans!

I’m a 1 year user of Jimmy Joy and wanted to say thank you!

As I’m getting more confortable with optimizing my nutrients intake (JimmyJoy has been very helpful with that) I’m starting to have more specific requirements. I’m sure other long-time JimmyJoy users have been thinking about tinkering with the recipe.

(I know you’re working on a flavorless version and I’m very excited about that)

I think if you would create a ‘Base’ version (without the protein, carbs and fat) you could cover every tinkerer’s needs and let users add their favourite source of protein (whey, beef, egg), fat (MCT, coconut, etc) and just the right amount of carbs (gluten free, keto, etc).

Any other users interested in that?

Have an awesome day! :smiley:

if you take away protein, carbs and fat, then what’s left? water with vitamins and minerals?
if so, you could take vitamin pill and be just fine, because that’s not the point of J-o-y-l-e-n-t as a product

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Maybe you’d be interested in Super Micros and Super Electrolytes from Super Body Fuel.

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@Vlad’s suggestion actually ties in with that other post’s call for a low calorie variation of the PlennyShake. The difference of course is that one is still j-o-y-l-e-n-t “JimmyJoy” and another is (as @Tubidubidam says) just vitamin supplement.

Not interested! I use Jimmy Joy as meal replacer because it is easy and I like the flavour!

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No one has suggested removing the original…
Edit: Also, the Super Micros mentioned by @alissa need to be shipped from CA, so not ideal. Surely JJ could create a competing product?

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