No more plenny pot in pots?

I loved the plenny pots served into pots, where the dosage was already done.
I tried the plenny pot in bags to reduce waste, but I could never get the dosage right.
All the powder seem to fall to the bottom of the bag while the rice or pasta remains on top, so I always end up with too much of one or the other.
The plenny pot from the bag was simply uneatable for me :frowning:
Even known tastes like creamy cajun pasta felt very very different.

Any change that the pots would make a come back?

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I’m afraid the 1 serving pots wont be coming back :frowning: They were simply not popular enough so we had to discontinue them.

Have you seen this video. Perhaps it helps:


I really liked the convenience of the pots but I think having bags is 100 times better. They’re easier to store in the cupboard, and I like the fact that they have the same amount of meals as the shakes.

I recommend turning the bag completely upside down and shaking it, and then turning it back again. You’ll find mostly powder on the top if you do it that way, and then it’s much easier to work out how to get the scoop right.

I always add more powder than I think I need as well and it seems to work out in the end.

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Great feedback and tips, thanks a lot :green_heart: