Plenny pots without the pot?

Hi! New to Jimmy Joy here and absolutely love the taste of the pots… however I have to admit that I did try another major brand before settling on JJ and their savoury offer came in a big bag which you could put in the reusable pot yourself. there’s upsides and downsides to each of course but I don’t like the amount of packaging etc. from having a pot every day and was wondering if there might be an option in future to purchase the powder in a bag like the shake?


Hi @Folksriker and welcome to our forum :green_heart:

Yay! We are glad you love the taste of the pot. We understand your concern! We are always looking for ways to improve our product, we want the best quality ingredients and package as well, to offer a nutritious product without the hassle. Some other customers have suggested using another kind of package due to environmental concerns. And we listened! We are currently working on the pots packaging, but the research and development of this “new” product take some time (trials, tastings, etc).

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Stay tuned!