Suggestion about Plenny Pot

To be more eco friendly. Why not used a permanent bowl that you reuse and the meals in refill paper bags? That’s how I buy spices. It would also save up on package space since refill bags are smaller and more compact.


Hey Conny! We greatly appreciate your taking the time to provide us with your feedback :green_heart: We are, in fact, researching alternatives to our current packaging. Please stay tuned to find out what happens next :smiley:


That could be cool.
For me, and that’s a big no, I would stop buying them, it’s the convenience of not scooping and measuring (that’s why I don’t like the Shakes), but storage (and transport) are big concerns with the pots.

A reusable Pop and individual sachets could be a solution :+1:t2:

I would be very happy if it would be possible to buy the contents of plenty pots in big packages. It may reduce the price.