Looking for storage tips?

hi y’all!

We’re looking into storage tips for our customers! Who has any tips for storing their Plenny Shakes? I’m thinking there might be quite a couple, because not everyone is super stoked about the packaging they come in :wink:

Let me know! Can’t wait to see what you come up with :smiley:


I like the bucket container idea from Soylent. The powder has such a long expiration date that it only makes sense to order a large batch of meals at a time as a regular consumer. They could probably be shipped as is too without the need of an extra cardboard box to dispose of. My main problem with the bags is that scooping is a bit of an annoyance due to the bag’s nature of closing in on itself (especially when it’s almost empty). I’ve also noticed that powder can end up inside the sealing grooves so you can’t seal it back up once it’s open without having to empty the grooves first.

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