How long contents of unsealed bag can be considered good


I have not yet experience with new bags, but I have experience with old bags and spoon. As everyone knows, spoon of powder which should be 50g is actually less than 50g. So after taking out 3x 3.5 spoon of powder from old bag (which should be 525g), there could be even like 40g of powder remaining (almost 1 spoon).

For that reason I’ve decided to use plastic food bags plus kitchen scale to solve this problem. So I’m unsealing bag and splitting it’s contents into plastic food bags using kitchen scale to accurately measure each portion. After that I have portions of powder which can be directly moved to shaker - each in it’s own plastic food bag.

The question is: do I lose something, keeping powder in plastic food bag for some time - like e.g. 2 weeks. Which ingredients of Plenny Shake can be considered as lost and which can be considered as harmful (if any) after keeping powder in plastic food bags?

Seems 18 days is passing without even single word from Jimmy Joy team.

Can I please someone to help me understand their team’s attitude to such support question as mine? Do you think anyone at Jimmy Joy noticed this support question?

I see some people with prefixed jimmy_ in their nicks are replaying and these seems like Jimmy Joy’s team response.

Did I missed to magic word in my question?


The Plenny Shake has a shelf life of 12 months. After that we cannot guarantee the vitamin amount to be the same. Hope that answers your question. For fast respons to questions the best method it to use the contact form on our website or email support at we answer questions within 24 hours on business days.