Expiration date: sealed Jimmy Joy Shakes

Hello Guys,

i ordered last year some Jimmy Joy Plenny Shakes. Since i had to move abroad shortly after and just came back recently, i wasnt able to consume my plenny shakes.

some of the plenny shakes have an expiration date of 07/2018 or 06/2018

they have never been opened and are still sealed!

Are they safe to consume? I hope yes since it would be a pitty.
If not: why not?

Hi Tundrablasen,

Good question!
Throwing away those Plenny Shakes would indeed be a pity. Luckily I do have great news for you:

So, what happens after the expiration date? Well, not much actually. There is a small decrease in vitamins, that’s why we cannot guarantee that the products still have the same nutrients in them after one year. The flavour can also become less but besides that nothing.

Our shakes are still consumable when you’ve stored them dark and dry like you said. You will not get sick of it.

Let me know if you’ve any questions.

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Thanks for the fast reply @maarten.

luckily they have been sitting in the shipping box ever since. so very dry, really dark enviroment. great to hear that they are still usable, will enjoy them and re-order afterwards.

best regards

I Just had a drink from 2015 :slight_smile:

The Taste was great and i feel fine.


You talking Joeys transparant ziplock bags without a name? Thats a while ago :wink:

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And what about the Tweeny Bars? Is it ok to eat them 2 years after de “best before date”? Thanks!

We do not recommend it, but if you tried it, please let us know!