I love big bags (and I cannot lie) but J2 should shamelessly rip off Soylent's bucket of powder

Here is a link to Soylent’s “limited time” bucket of powder with 100 meals for $100. This is almost certainly a market test so we will have to see how it does.


Ooooooooooh, good idea :smiley:

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I am sure there are issues I haven’t considered but perhaps it could be explored as an option for those (few?) of us that literally live on your powders. Personally, I don’t even need the steep price decrease if I can get the form factor.

Also, thanks for sorting my recent shipping issue!


Appreciate the feedback, I will forward it to marketing <3


I like that, sorry im new here, iam Michaël.
I want to live for longer time on your shakes, so for me, i will buy it :wink:

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Duly noted, thanks for giving your two-cents :smiley:

About big bags, I love the “Active” bags size, but sometimes I’m not that active and I’d like to have the normal Plenny Shake.
Why not offer it in big bags as well?
For sustainability but also I find it easier and less messy to use a bigger bag (yes, it does stays open while I take the full scoop out).


A bigger big for regular Plenny Shake is coming up… :raised_hands:


Hi! Just here to add - if you are considering making a bucket for more convenient storage purposes (which I would love btw), please consider making a square shaped instead of cylindrical, or at least have it as an option! More space efficient, more convenient and easier to get a smooth spoon of powder against the edge - cylindrical does not do that for you. :slight_smile:


Appreciate that, Nemo! Do you have an example of the type of container you’d like to see or that perhaps already have?

I’m totally into that too.

@Tim something like this maybe https://www.amazon.es/gp/product/B00AE2U3JW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

would you rather see one that’s more ‘flat’ than ‘high’?
I personally like the way this looks


more of an upright design, kind of. What do you think?

I think something like this is what CaptainNemo meant https://bristolplasticcontainers.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/PB5SW2.jpg

So still the bucket design but just flat edges

I agree that big buckets are way better than big bags. Protein powders have been doing buckets for years. Buckets are easier to scoop from and easier to close. Ideal buckets are wide, rather than high, because wide buckets are easier to scoop from.

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gotcha, helpful feedback! Thank for that :slight_smile:

I really like these for storing the active formula: https://www.curtec.com/nl/producten/vaten/wijdmondse-vaten/detail/wijdmonds-vat-3-liter
In the netherlands these are used for storing pet food but they are food safe, water and air tight and have a big opening for easy scoping.
A square one in a nice color would be even more awesome!