Plenny Pots XL - Satay Noodles and Mushroom & Buckwheat Risotto - the verdict is in

So I have been fortunate enough to try the Plenny Pot XL with the brand new flavours Satay Noodles and Mushroom & Buckwheat Risotto. I previously tried the original individual Plenny Pots when they first came out.

These new XL bags are a great addition. You can get my full thoughts here:
[Satay Noodles and Mushroom & Buckwheat Risot] (



Thanks! I’m glad to hear you liked both flavours. It’s always exciting to watch your verdict :smiley:

I tried the Satay Noodles, and maybe something is wrong with the bag I received, but it tasted bland and very moldy. I don’t taste any peanuts or Satay.

Also tried the Vegetable Korma Rice XL version and that one was exactly like the pot version and.
Didn’t order the Risotto.

Sorry to hear the Satay Noodles did not meet expectations, maybe the bag was compromised in a way that the flavour was affected? Since it’s our first production of them, there could not be an issue with the expiration yet. We would love to follow up on this for you and invite you to reach out through the Live Chat or through to check things internally and find a fitting solution for you.


I have to say that I started with the wrong foot with Jimmy Joy, I ordered Coconut and Pistachio shakes and, even if I really liked the coconut flavour, the pistacho was just awful, I don’t understand why there’s no real pistachio in it, I know some might be allergic to it, but spoil a great taste for few people isn’t the best choice IMHO…

Anyhow, I didn’t like neither that only 300ml of water are needed for a full meal, so I’ve finished the coconut and give away the pistachio one,(that was again given for the same reason…) and haven’t tried the pots mainly for the one-meal format.

Now you finally evolved the plenny pots into pouches and released these 2 new flavours, I made my order a bit scared, as the Satay noodles don’t have real peanuts, but hey, who doesn’t deserve another chance?

Well, me and my wife just LOVED the noodles! Awesome, delicate and subtle favour and perfect texture, just wanted you all to know that is a great product. On Sunday we’ll try the risotto, hoping is as good as the noodles and willing to order the Tikka masala Lentils in the near future.

Great work guys!


Thanks for giving us another shot! I’m glad you liked the Satay noodles :smiley:

Tried the Mushrooms risotto, and loved it, a bit less spicy than the pots variants, great flavor and a great “eco” move with the big bags. Less waste and it also takes less space in the shelve. I hope the Satay is also so good!

I’m not sure if this is commented, what is the best way to mix the rice and powder? Taking the scoop from the bottom should be enought right?


Nice! Thanks for the feedback and we’re happy to hear you love the Mushroom Risotto. :hugs:

The best way to make sure you get a balanced mix is to shake the bag thoroughly before use and then indeed to scoop from the bottom upwards. We look forward to your verdict on the Satay Noodles. :green_heart:

I really love satay but I do wonder how to ensure the flavor is correct with XL?

Should we aim to like 50% powder 50% noodles? I find that if I am not careful then the noodles end up on top in the bag and it becomes flavorless

The correct balance is achieved not scientifically but by shaking the bag thoroughly and then scoop from the bottom upwards. It should get you the same contents more or less every time that way.

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The Satay can taste a bit bland if you don’t get enough of the powder. Same for all the Pots really. I use wide, shallow food safe containers to store the contents of the Plenny Pot XLs. That way the ingredients can’t settle and I get the perfect consistency every time.

@DanielJJ that’s awesome, thanks I will try it out

@Apter do you have a link to an example container? i’m curious

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Here’s one from IKEA:

Pretty much any food-safe container will do, just as long as it’s not too deep. That would defeat the point of the exercise. Wide and shallow. Plenny Pot XL is 1Lt approx, so that’s about the size you need.

Shallow, so the various materials won’t settle too far. Works a treat.

I tried this, but how do I reach the bottom of the bag with the scoop? Have to use a lot of force to get to the bottom?

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With a little care, the scoop should do the trick, it has some room in there, so best is to go from the side to the bottom, then scoop upwards with the ingredients in there.

I’ve tried the risotto (can’t have the noodles as my body can’t handle wheat). I loved the taste of the risotto but, unfortunately, it turned out a soup every time. I even left it longer (like 10 minutes), but still soup… The other two dishes I can have (korma and tikka masala) turn out beautiful every single time (I love them both). But the risotto was to soupy for me (all 10 portions again). Which reminds me… How about having a nice plenny pot chili (with corn and so on). That would be just awesome!!

Thanks for the feedback and the suggestion for a new flavor option, we will make sure both land on the right desks.


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i would say the risotto is not spicy at all.

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