Plenny Pot XL v1.0 Mix Pack

There was a Mix Pack for the old Plenny Pot v1.0. It would be awesome if you’d add a Mix Pack for the Plenny Pot XL as well! There are 5 flavors, so that fits nicely with 10 meals, 2 each :slight_smile:

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Noted as suggestion, thanks!
Do not get your hopes up on this one though, creating a mix pack for these would mean changing up a lot on our end and besides the pricing, it could very well affect things like shelf life as well in that case. It was a lot easier to do with the separately packaged Plenny Pots when we had them as 6-packs. We do offer a 30-day money back guarantee to cover for anything you try and do not like. So, don’t hold back, try what you want and if it’s not for you, you just check in with the customer care team through the chat on the website of