How can I order the "Plenny Pot Mix Pack" individually in Spain?

I really want to just try the “Plenny Pot Mix Pack” I have no interest in the shakes or bars, for my own reasons.

I currently reside in Spain, and this starter box is not free here as in the USA, it costs 28 Euros.
But the issue is that if I want to try the paid “Sample Box” I must also order the “Plenny Shake” and the “Plenny Bar”, and if that’s not enough you also want me to add an extra shake flavor and the total comes to 110 Euros, are you serious?

I can eat better and healthier for a month for 150 euros (Spain is amazing in that sense, you can buy a whole grilled chicken for 6 euros which will last for 4 to 5 days), so it really defeats the purpose here for me, and I am sure for a lot of other workers also.

It just feels like a kick to the balls, super American way of selling things.

Why don’t you allow to only order the “Plenny Pot Sample Box”, It’s not free, we pay for it!

My other option is to order 10 meals out of each flavor, does not make any sense to me.

From what I have seen, you are the only company in Spain that does this (trick to make us buy more I would assume), isn’t the idea of this is to eat healthy and save money? Well if you make me order and eat something I do not want or like then it defeats the whole purpose.

TLDR: I only want to order the “Pot Mix” Sample box for 28 Euros, JimmyJoy makes me order more crap that I don’t want or need for “just” an extra 80 Euros.

Hi NIckess09!

Thanks for posting your concern here so we can address it.

With the Starter box, the Plenny Pot - Mix Pack is only added as extra option, but then you would indeed need to select a Shake, Drink and Bar flavour in that box as well to make use of the offer.

As that is clearly not ideal for you, the other option would be to just order the Plenny Pot - Mix Pack as single purchase, so without the Starter box. It would cost you €23,94 as single purchase + shipping.

We hope this will get you on the way, but if not, feel free to let us know here or by reaching out to our customer care team through the Live Chat on the website or


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