Periodic deliveries to Spain?

I just ordered a couple of bags of Plenny Shake, since I am looking for a cheaper alternative to Huel. I am also new to these kind of products, as I follow a whole-food plant-based diet.
I am currently based in Barcelona, Spain. If I am going to replace the majority of my meals with your product, I calculated I’ll need 16 bags a month, which is quite a lot. Are there alternatives to home delivery (I am hardly at home during the working hours)? Thanks.

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Soooory for the late reply, Lorenzo!

Yes, you will be able to select a pickup point location instead of home delivery when you place an order.

Alternatively, we have a reseller in Spain, Esjoy, which you can find here:
Ordering through that one will save you on shipping costs substantially :wink:

If anything, just get in touch with us (even after placing the order), and we’ll be able to adjust it accordingly as long as it’s not shipped yet. You can reach us best through Live Chat in those cases, or through e-mail on


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Do you have a website like that for France or should I just use the JJ website?

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Unfortunately we only have resellers in Spain and Denmark at this point, so the rest will go through our main website.

But the product is more expensive.
One example. The discounted (for subscription) bar on JJ’s website is 2,13€ and on esJoy it’s 2,38€
As long as you order more than 100€ on JJ’s, shipping costs are already free.