Plenny Pot - Vegetable Korma

First impressions (I’ve had 3 in the past few days): I love the Vegetable Korma Plenny Pot!
It kind of reminds me of a meal I had while volunteering at an event that required putting a thing into a fancy expensive machine, that would prepare the meal. Except the rice is a little less present; it’s a bit more sludgy… but delicious!

For context: most of my meals are plennyshake, with some occasional regular meals as ‘snacks’. The shakes make sure I get all the nutrients I need to not get migraines, and the ‘normal’ food keeps my brain and my teeth happy. The issue with this is that it always takes a bit of effort to make sure I’m not missing too much when I go for regular meals instead of shakes.

This is one of the reasons why I really like the plenny pot — for a snack, it still has everything I need.
Another reason I like it is because I think it actually tastes good. Of course, it has to be considered in its own category, with other easy to prepare meals, but that doesn’t make this a bad meal overall in general, and unlike similar products, this one is vegan and contains all the things.

That brings us to one downside… I encountered what seems to be a grain of sand(?), or something else that looks like that (about 1mm diameter) that would not dissolve in my first plenny pot… I quoted grandma saying “zand schuurt de maag” and gave it the benefit of the doubt, but I kind of hope it was something that the hot water did not reach. I switched to a fork for subsequent meals, to really scrape the bottom while stirring, and I haven’t had the issue in the other two (and no complaints health wise), but I’m keeping an eye on it.

The only other downside is that it’s still a bit on the spicy side for my taste, though I doubt people who like spicy food would even notice any, and I’ll manage.

I expect to order more in the future.

TL;DR: I’ll let Simba explain my first impressions:
Hakuna Matata