The Jimmy Joy 4 Month Experiment

Hello Everyone,

My name is Lee Primeau and I am an Experimental Freelance Nutritionist @ Eat.Health Lee,, I have decided to partner up with Jimmy Joy, and Huel to present The One Year Meal Replacement Experiment. I will consume 100% meal replacement shakes for an entire year to undergo rigorous medical testing.

The time-line for the experiment is as follows: Feb 1 2016-May 31 2016 Jimmy Joy, Jun 1 2016- Sep 30 Pulve, Oct 1 2016- Jan 31 2017 Huel.

What will be presented and when?

I will provide weekly updates between my channel and blog space below, some things you can expect to see there will be detailed blood pressure, glucose, weight and heart rate logs. In addition I will provide a short video on my channel every Sunday talking briefly about my past weekly experiences.

In addition I will provide detailed blood lab reports, monthly on both my channel and blog space followed by a video summation for that month.

My goal is to broadcast the medical findings publicly on both my channel and blog space

I truly believe that these meals, are the meals of the future. Let’s see what long term use and science has to say about it. =)

We have decided to fund the experiment out of our own means, if you fee like donating some benjamins to the cause please visit for more information.

To conclude, it’s going to be an interesting ride. I am looking forward to the results and interacting with each of you.

*As a side note I would like to mention that each one of these companies were willing to set aside their competitive edge to collaborate and donate to this experiment. I tip my hat to them, I’ve contacted every company on and Jimmy Joy, Pulve and Huel were the most eager. It left the impression on me that they truly care about their product and customers well being.


Lee Primeau
Experimental Freelance Nutritionist



I will post The 4 month Experiment introduction video on my channel this coming Sunday 31Jan2016 and begin the experiment 1Feb2016. Every Sunday I will post new information between my channel and blog, so keep on the look out. I am looking forward to this experiment and I hope you all enjoy it.



I’m following your blog entry at , very interesting experiment you’re doing there :slightly_smiling:

Is there anyone who tried before to feed solely on Jimmy Joy or equivalent for an extended period of time?

While you still be eating regular food from time to time or not at all?
How are you handling the psychological hunger? I guess it will be the hardest part of keeping this experiment up.

The closest I have bee nable to see is people going with the original trademarked Soylent for periods of one month at a time.
Also I think that those guys (or at least their CEO) relies heavily on their product on his everyday life.

As a side note, Jimmy Joy will have an interesting role in this experiment, since it is the first product to be tested.

It would be interesting to have parallel analysis with someone with similar physical condition starting with a different product.

I really look forward to the findings of this experiment!

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hi thanks for the inquiry and interest, there was a man Josh Helton who did 30 days of Solely Soylent. Their has been some people on the Soylent forum who said they lived on it solely for one year such as this guy but this is one of the first where I will undergo so long (6 months on Jimmy Joy, 6 Months on Pulve) to undergo daily blood glucose readings and advanced blood work. =)

I will be eating solely Jimmy Joy for the first six months, then solely Pulve for the other six totaling one year. In addition to, I will drink water, decaffeinated coffee and herbal teas, and water with aroma, so zero cal no sugar.

Previously before becoming a nutritional pioneer, I was in the military for six years. While in the military there were many tasks I did not like to do but forced my self to enjoy them the best I could. I have the same mentality with The One Year Meal Replacement Experiment. For the first two weeks I had cravings for food, especially peanut butter, eggs and anything Asian =) But now I’ve seemed to settle into a comfortable routine. Jimmy Joy has a high variety of shakes, so I seldom get bored of the flavors. Overall, it’s going quite well, it’s truly a mind game. I am looking forward to the blood results =) that’s what keeps me going when I have a rough day or two.

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Thanks for the words =0, I received the blood test results from my original control already and apparently I am doing well. I will post them and the 3 month mark testing simultaneously together when I have them. Please keep following for more information and feel free to share with everyone you know. I hope to improve the image of Jimmy Joy and Pulve through this experiment. I truly believe they are the future of food, and hope them as a viable solution to world hunger.

What happened to Huel?

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@Touliloup, Rob Rhinehart, the founder of Soylent, was the first person to feed soley on a powdered food (30 days in January 2013). How I stopped eating food.

For the last 3+ years he has lived on 90% Soylent/10% regular food.

Since Rhinehart’s January 2013 experiment, many journalists have repeated the 30-day experiments.


He is paying for everything himself from what I understand and free to revise it however he wants. But why abandon the original goal of a ‘pure’ Jimmy Joy (or whatever other product) diet?

@eathealthlee Did health concerns finally trump the idealism you began with? Thank you for being so transparent and congratulations on lasting this long! I am hoping to survive off Jimmy Joy for several months, whenever my shipment makes it out of customs… but I will definitely be supplementing and am reading your blog for ideas. Is there anything you can recommend here? What are some conclusions you can draw from having lived off Jimmy Joy for so long and what advice can you offer us n00bs?



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That’s an excellent question, I made the original time line Jimmy Joy, Pulve and Huel based off a method which was fair as possible.

My original plan was to just do Jimmy Joy for a year, but I did not want anyone to think that I was solely biased towards any one company, I decided to include more into the mix. I gave Jimmy Joy the pick of which place they wanted which was first. (since I already had something established with them)

When it came to Pulve and Huel I based it off of which company accepted the experiment first which put Huel last. They had an issue with it, they claimed since their company was bigger and more established they should be ahead of Pulve and not last. I explained to them why I picked who, when and they were not happy with being last so we decided to part ways.

T[quote=“Shawn, post:9, topic:156”]
He is paying for everything himself from what I understand and free to revise it however he wants. But why abandon the original goal of a ‘pure’ Jimmy Joy (or whatever other product) diet?

That’s a good question, I originally came into the project with two main goals:

  1. The first was to see if longer consumption was safe of these products was safe.
  2. The second was to see if reducing the amount of sugar consumed could have positive effects on my health.

Before the experiment began I saw a lecture by Dr. Lustig called Sugar: The Bitter Truth at After this I read Dr. John Yudkin’s book pure, white and deadly. This lead me to the idea to see if I can see similar results from what they both talked about in terms of any opposite (positive) health benefits from reducing my overall sugar intake. They main topic of focus was over consumption of sugar and it’s negative effects on bodily functions.

To explain the second phase:

i.e. not so pure, the first phase (3 months) I tried to keep it pure as possible, after seeing satisfying results, a drop in blood pressure, blood sugar and weight, I decided to add items to the second phase (last 3 months) to see if I can lower the aforementioned bodily measurements even further. Like you said, Jimmy Joy and I are taking care of most the costs so we get to decided what and how we present/change the experiment. (Jimmy Joy provides the shakes, I can adjust some aspects based on my goal at that point in time)

Thanks for the support and kind words!

I received the second set of blood testing recently which I compared with my original base readings taken 29-Jan-2016. See my blogspace for more information.

There were a couple of results that were not normal as explained on my blogspace. I went to my GP today and she said they are nothing to be worried about as most of them are within the “error window” of lab testing. The only one that was slightly concerning was the parathyroid hormone (PTH 12.20 pmol/L, normal less than 7.00 pmol/L).

She explained because my vitamin D was on the lower end 57 nmol/L (still within normal levels of greater than 50 nmol/l) that my PTH rose to compensate for it. The ideal Vitamin D range is around 70 nmol/L, she thinks that once I were to raise my Vitamin D we should see a drop of PTH to under 7 pmol/L (the normal range). PTH is a hormone related to the parathyroid gland, which sole function is to regulate the amount of calcium in the blood.

Regarding your comment about any advice, do you plan on consuming Jimmy Joy 100% of the time, or will you do so periodically. While Jimmy Joy’s flavors taste good, it gets boring after while eating the same flavors. The one aspect these meals do not compare to when eating solid foods is the option of variety. The positive is that I have seen health improvements across the board, i.e. blood pressure, heart rate and blood glucose. =) It would be awesome to see if Jimmy Joy came out with a savory flavor like tomato soup as all their products are all sweet. I would also recommend you drink adequate amounts of water. 1.5-2.0 liters a day.

I wasn’t implying anything of the sort. Of course he is free to revise how he wants.

I was curious. You seem to think I was attacking. I wasn’t. Relax. :wink:

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Hey Ric, actually the opposite…I said that because I didn’t want what I said to be considered an attack haha. As a member of the vegetarian/vegan community I am quite aware of how asking anyone about a ‘compromise’ in their diet can be very offensive. For example, I would say that I have been vegetarian for 9 years, however because I eat gummy bears derived from gelatin (an animal product) some people might latch onto that and say I have no right to that claim because my diet isn’t hardcore enough. I definitely view those people as douche bags and when people say those things I am a little offended lol. IN MY DEFENSE GELATATIN IS A TRASH PRODUCT AND I CONSIDER IT NO DIFFERENT THAN BUYING SECOND HAND LEATHER.


So now for the “attack” (but not really please don’t think of it as such) @eathealthlee why are you taking supplements for wakefulness and supplements to supplement those etc? At the beginning you said only tea and decaffeinated coffee? These phases you mention were never defined at the beginning of the experiment were never declared at the beginning of the experiment and seem a bit revisionist.

There, I spit it out. I just want you to reiterate that this doesn’t diminish my respect for you or anything <3

I know Jimmy Joy has 30g of sugar, but probably not more than I consume myself on some days. I am going to be eating Jimmy Joy for at least a month. My diet has been so inconsistent here I am sure it will be healthier no matter what. What do you think about nootropics? Do those other supplements you take qualify as such? Do you take a multi vitamin or anything else that I should consider for better health? Maybe calcium or vitamin D?

Thanks for everything!!

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Excellent question, during week 5 of the experiment I developed a rash on my chest and back. I went to my GP who said it was something known as a Urticaria. I asked my GP what is the cause of this rash and she explained to me it’s an allergic reaction to something usually medicines. I explained to her that I was not taking any other medicines than I was being prescribed. She thought the cause was from the Jimmy Joy, it seemed to improve my immune system which normally is not a problem. The thing is I have hyper allergenic Asthma where my bodies attacks it self when exposed to any type of allergen and then some. (attacking things that are not allergens) an immune system on steroids.

To compensate for this I started taking an additional anti histamine . This solved the hyper allergenic symptoms but left me feeling very drowsy throughout the day. I stayed at this state for another month then decided to start taking Adrafinil as stated in my blogspace to help with the fatigue/drowsiness of the medications.

In addition to hyper allergenic Asthma, I have a rare sleeping disorder called REM sleep behavior disorder which causes me to move in my sleep (a chemical is supposed to be emitted from our brains which reduces movement in sleep) mine does not. It’s a very peculiar disease, I spoke latin in my sleep, kicked my fiancee etc. When it acts up my REM sleep is interrupted. This coupled with the hyper allergenic Asthma treatment left me for fatigued most of the day.

First of all congrats on being a vegetarian, to do it right it takes a lot of planning. respect.

That’s exciting to hear that you plan on taking 100% Jimmy Joy for at least a month, when I first starting taking Jimmy Joy all my friends and family made comments about it. They thought it was strange, but that should be expected as it’s something that is relativity new in the main stream world. (they have these types of foods in a hospital setting) If you can try to stick with it longer, it would be interesting to hear your story. Like I told other followers before, try to take some notes about your experience and send them to me. I will create your own section within my blogspace to share it with the community. =)

Before I began with the experiment I ordered some Nootropics to test. My goal is to become an Experimental Freelance Nutritionist, essentially companies can send me their products and I can review them on my channel. Through I ordered Noopept, Phenylpiracetam, Adrafinil, Choline Bitartrate and Milk Thistle. The last three should be taken in combo to help each other.

Noopept, I love they organize a lot of data about drugs take a look at for more information. My personal experience I took Noopept for a month and noticed some positive results, I was able to focus better, had more energy and seemed to be able to sit longer and focus on school. The down side was it gave me a headache, I coupled it with Choline Bitartrate and it seemed to improve the headaches.

Phenylpiracetam is another nootropic “study drug” This drug was also taken for a month, it seemed to improve my memory, creativity and motivation. I did not have as many headaches with this substance when compared to Noopept. I also coupled it with Choline Bitartrate.

Adrafinil (for wakefulness), Choline Bitartrate (prevent headaches), and milk thistle (protect my liver) I took this combo for two months, in the Fall of 2015. I really liked Adrafinil, I took it early in the mornings (7:00am), as it had a half life of (12-15 hours). Not it in itself the half life of Adrafinil is about 1 hour, it is a pro drug which means your liver converts it into Modafinil which has a half life of 12-15 hours. I was not at all jittery or hyper, just did not feel the need to sleep until it wore off. I did notice that I was more sensitive to hot weather, i.e. would get warmer faster. Within the first week of taking Adrafinil I had headaches but they went away over time.

That’s how I feel about those Nootropics that I took personally. I would invite you to play around with them and others, but always remember even though they are marketed as supplements they are in deed powerful substances of which you should proceed with caution, generally under the supervision of medical attention.

For the experiment I am only taking what vitamins are included within the shakes, (i.e. not any additional multi-vitamins) This was done so to see if Jimmy Joy could sustain life at a physiological level.

Out side of the experiment I took a half an adult multivitamin, Omega three fish oil, joint supplement, Vitamin B complex and amino acid (protein) supplement every day. An iron supplement every three days. I ate meat sparingly, 1 to 2 times a week. I took those supplements as a safety blanket, I believe foods now a days contain a lot less vitamin and mineral content when compared to over 60 years ago due to over farming etc.

In my personal opinion, I do not think it would hurt if you took half a multivitamin alongside taking Jimmy Joy as a general precaution.

For the second phase I include taking oregano in a capsule for added antioxidants to see if there are any improvements in my biological readings.

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As when I stated on the Soylent forum many months back (I recognize your symbol from there), it’s always welcome to have questions, opinions which contribute to a lively debate. It’s how we grow as a society, I think Shawn was slightly concerned about people trolling. As it seems like that’s 99.9 percent of internet activity these days. =)


Thanks for the info! And ric, I hope it’s all good now :slight_smile:

@olivia I just had an idea for a forum feature…you know how Reddit allows one to gift ‘gold’? What if we could buy another user ‘lunch’? Like here I could gift Ric and eathealthlee a single meal or bag of Jimmy Joy? Maybe only allow a certain amount of gifts per month or something, no rollover?

This forum is so well featured with all these badges it is a shame we don’t have more things to talk about. But anyways, I don’t mean to divert the topic…I just can’t wait to have my Jimmy Joy!

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I don’t know if I should’ve replied to this ‘as a topic’ (probably -.-), but anyways. The forum is currently not hosted on a server Jimmy Joy has access to. The main pro of this, is that the Jimmy Joy developers do not need to update the source code, and have no need to keep everything clean (which saves them time that can be used for developing the Jimmy Joy website itself). However, the drawbacks are that the forum cannot be changed to the likes of Jimmy Joy in every way possible, and -erm- yeah money, of course.

So… Who knows. Maybe, if there’s like a huge demand for extra forum features, Jimmy Joy might transfer the forums to their own servers (and they’ll -finally- be able to implement that ‘community rewards system’ Olivia and I daydreamed about before those thoughts got crushed), but I really-really-really doubt that will be happening in the foreseeable future… :cry:

(eathealthlee, no worries: if this post attracts replies, I’ll move all of em to a new topic.)

Hello Everyone,

I posted the full lab results after eating Jimmy Joy 100% for six months straight on my blogspace at scroll down towards the bottom and you will see them.

Impressed by the positive health changes, I made my own shake (not for sale, only to test if eating even less sugars is good for my health) and will eat this for the next 3 months. You can follow the progress within the same blog space.

To the Jimmy Joy team, thanks for sponsoring the Jimmy Joy during this experiment, it was very fun to do and we learned a lot from a scientific perspective about your product! Truly you guys are stellar, of all the brands I asked on at the time you were the only ones to take it seriously!

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