Vitamin D levels

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I’ve just came back from the lab, I’ve done some blood test and the only thing that seems to be popping out is the Vitamin D levels, they are in the “insufficient” bracket, 21μg/L. I have an appointment with my doctor soon, but it reminded me that something similar had been mentioned in the 6 month experience topic:

I’m eating Jimmy Joy roughly in 2 out of 3 meals, and I’m from Brazil but currently leaving in Belgium (not much sun around these parts). I don’t remember having low vitamin d before, but might be a combination of factors.

So, my question was more on, do you have any other data on low vitamin d levels besides the 6 month experience?

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Hey Renatolond,

Recent review studies show that the current RDI should be revised. A few interesting once:
Reid, I., & Avenell, A. (2011). Evidence‐based policy on dietary calcium and vitamin D. Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, 26(3), 452-454.

González‐Rodríguez, L., Estaire, P., Peñas‐Ruiz, C., Ortega, R., & Ortega, R. (2013). Vitamin D intake and dietary sources in a representative sample of Spanish adults. Journal of Human Nutrition & Dietetics, 26, 64-72.

Emeis, C. (2011). Current Resources for Evidence‐Based Practice, May/June 2011. Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health, 56(3),

I hope it helps you find your answer!

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If you have access to those studies and have read them, could you indicate the RDI changes that each of those studies propose?

Hey Gallaecio, non provide a concrete number. There are only strong indications that the Vitamin D levels of the subjects in the investigations are to low.


What may help is looking at the recommendations from other countries around the world.

The EU requirement is 5 micrograms (200 International Units (I.U.)) per day and unless I’m mistaken, this is what JimmyJoy contains.

The Nordic Nutrition Recommendations suggest a higher value of 10 micrograms (400 I.U.) per day, whilst the new FDA Daily Values suggest an even higher 20 micrograms (800 I.U.) per day.

However, many believe even these values are far too low. I personally take 75 micrograms (3000 I.U.), and have felt a noticeable improvement in mental health, especially over the winter months. If you choose to supplement, I’d advise asking your doctor for a more personalised target, just to be safe.


Dear Genesis,

We are currently working on a new formula for the Plenny Shake. For the new formula we planning to take the new guidelines for vitamin D from the EFSA, see the following link:

However, what the intake of vitamin D should be is still in debate, the following article exemplifies the problematic issues:
Rohn, R. (2013). Questions Remain About Vitamin D. Journal of Adolescent Health, 53(4), 547-548.

In addition to the shakes I personally I take «Möllers tran» (norwegian)

Since I live in Norway and we don’t get too much sun around here. It’s basically a supplement of vitamin D, A and E.

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