Going down the route of only plenny but what about vitamins ay?

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So, I don’t like cooking for myself and I end up not eating enough or eating unhealthy and as I have depression everyone now eating good and enough is a big step to a better life.

So I found plenny, and now I’m gonna try it out fully. So my idea is consuming two shakes, one bar, one hotpot a day 1600 calories. I’m hoping I’ll loose some weight at the same time is there any recommendation on how much you should consume and is the bars and hotpot as healthy as the drink?

Also researching a bit about the vitamins as I was worried I would over consume but that seems to not be an issue, in fact opposite in somewhat case? Read this article This guy ate Plenny Shake for 6 months and had his blood tested afterw – Jimmy Joy

And in that article it states the person had a low d vitamin count and too high B-Vitamin 12 but your nutriotnal team would look into that. How did the looking go? Do I need to take some extra d-vitamin and worry about the B?

Thanks for the help :blush:

The vitamin discussion is nearly religious, just as the probiotic one is.
Unless you have a deficit, which most people eating a varied diet, does not have, there is no benefit from consuming supplement of vitamins.
Statistically, people are liable to vit-D deficiency due to, among other things, being out in the sun too little.
That’s why the only recommended daily vitamin supplement is vit-D.
The “problem” here is, that Plenny Shake is enriched by the “in-active” form of D-vitamin, which still requires hydrolization from sun-skin contact to become activated.
It is, however, possible to acquare activated D-vitamin in other supplements :slight_smile:
I hope all of this makes sense.

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The GP

Thanks for sharing this @Cheeserider — I actually just signed up because I have exactly the same question as @Timtheoatman

So I’m using a calorie tracker (myfitnesspal) and noticed that when I rely on just JimmyJoy (2 bars, 1 shake, 1 pot) I have very little potassium, compared to recommended levels. So I was wondering if actually, it’s not vitamins but potassium that we should supplement the JimmyJoy diet. :slight_smile:

There are numerous possible reasons for hypokalemia, @rembo.
Most frequent off the top of my head is low intake, so you could start by eating a few bananas a day (this guy isn’t wrong! www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdGai72Tt8Y) :smiley:

Aside from that hyperthyroidism, use of diuretics, excess intake of caffeine or insulin are some of the more common reasons, but since you already know your potassium levels, which is only obtained from blood samples, I’m assuming you’re already in some form of contact with your GP?