I Love jimmy joy Plenny shakes so much, that I’m planning on trying to live mostly on them for some time. This raises the question if there are any extra micronutrients you would recommend that i take during this time. I’m vegan, and have been taking B12 vitamines, but now i wonder if there is a risk of consuming to much B12, as your shake also has it :rabbit: ?

Hey there! You can barely ever overdose on B12 since this is a water-soluble vitamin (whatever your body doesn‘t need will be exuded with your urine). However, the JJ products contain so much B12, I don‘t think that additional supplementing would make sense here :slight_smile:

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Hi @Jimmyjei ! welcome to the forum!
If you are planning to have only Plenny Shakes, there shouldn’t be any other nutritional supplement needed because our products have the essential vitamins and minerals required for an average adult. There is no conclusive research showing toxicity by overdosing B12. As @jeanninefleur said, the B12 is excreted in the urine meaning that all the B12 that your body doesn’t use will get out. You can have a look at the Tolerable Upper Intake Levels for Vitamins and Minerals from the EFSA, and also check our Introduction to Micronutrients.
Additionally, you can read the Jimmy Joy’s Guide to Doing Meal Replacement Shakes Right and two cases in which people consumed our products for a looooong time: here and here :star_struck:

We would love to know how your experience goes :green_heart:


Cool! Thanks for your answers! :green_heart:

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