B12 intake for vegan plenny shake users

Hi all,

This is a question for the vegan users of the vegan plenny shake: How do you keep your B12 levels in check using the shake?

For example, if I have the 3 meals of JJ in one day, and those 3 servings are supposed to be nutritionally complete, then I assume I shouldn’t need any additional B12 supplement.

But what if I have two meals a day of JJ (which is usually my case). Considering that the 3 servings make up the suggested daily nutritional intake one should have, with 2 servings I would be 1/3 deficient in necessary nutrients. I can make this up with a proper dinner, but then again, vegan food is by defect B12 deficient.

Should I then take a supplement? What about the 2/3 of the total amount of daily B12 I have already ingested? Will I then have an excess of B12? Recent evidence suggests that might not be such a good idea…

So, I’m curious about what the other vegan users of the shake do.


My blood work showed my B12 was fine after almost exclusive vegan Plenny use. A supplement in your case sounds like a good idea, but maybe take it every other day depending on the dose and supplement quality.

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Hi Hernan!

I’m not a professional, but I think you shouldn’t be afraid from that.
From the other way, you actually can’t overdose B12, but you can have some disease if you keep overdosing yourself for a long time.
In your incident, you think you’ll don’t have enough B12, but you lived well enough for now (I hope so). It’s not like a mandatory, the B12 vitamin it’s the only B-vitamin, that your body storages in a bigger amount. You’ll eat other foods, not just JJ all day, all week, so you’ll definitely eat some B12. I don’t think that you should supplement it, only if you don’t think that your body can processes all the B12. You could have problem with the processes, if you have some stomach or bowel disease (or drink too much alcohol, regularly), but if you feel alright all the time usually, you don’t have problem with your own feeding. Anyway, rather supply vitamins, than not consume, there’s just a few vitamins that could be overdosed (not actually overdose, but consuming too much for a long period), but that would be like a man who eat beef all day all night, that would be a vegetarian girl who don’t eat any meal in her life.
Just keep your humanly usual feeding, and you’ll have no problem. There’s is no simple method for a full-body-vitamin-check, so you could just guess anything about how you feel yourself.


Yes I eat some B12, but it is a fact that vegan diets are intrinsically B12 deficient, not because there is no B12 in plants, but because we would have to eat large amounts of them for many hours a day to get the proper nutrition (like ruminants) .

I thought so to, but I actually stopped taking B12 for almost a year and I never felt bad or anything. Then I went to the doctor and they told me I was very, very low on B12… like, dangerously low… And the problem with B12 deficiency is that you realize you have it when it’s too late. I don’t want to wait until I get brain nerve damage or something like that…

So far I have been taking B12 everyday because I am only taking one Plenny Shake a day (I replaced the morning shake with mate, since I never have an appetite in the morning anyway) and I switched the amount from the old recommendation of 177 gr to 100gr, because after the 177 I felt too full. With the 100grs I feel great afterwards, but sadly I am consuming less nutrients than the ideal amount. I hope JJ one day releases formula when you can have the same nutrition with less grams (and kcals)

Yeah I actually totally forget that you are a vegan, I saw your reply at my post earlier, sorry.
If I were you, I would supplement B12 or a multivitamin by weekly or monthly. After your diagnosis, I think you “supply” yourself for now, after your B12 gets in the right amount. Maybe find something that could do the trick, not just pills. As I saw, soy is good, and a strange thing, that microorganisms what likes vegetable are usually have a great amount of B12. Like you should eat your vegetables dusty, earthy. You’ll don’t have any problem with that, vegans says that’s enough amount for them, to keep B12 in the limit. So yeah, don’t be so sanitary with your food, if you like that idea, no pills, no worry.
Apart from that I use Plenny Shake too for my mornings, because nether do I had appetite for any food (never in my life, there’s just really a few mornings when I would really like and eat a bread with salami and tomato), mainly not for dry food.
And I consume 100 g too, because 178 g is truly a full dinner. And yeah, we hope that they will develop some new shake for more requisitions, not just tastes.
Anyway, JJ über alles!