Micronutrient amounts - Plenny Shake Vegan

I was reviewing the micronutrient quantities of my shakes as I periodically adjust my caloric intake and was realizing that the only way to meet 100% RDI on many of the vitamins and minerals is to consume three full 700kcal servings. If the amount of the vitamins and minerals were increased so that people with smaller caloric needs were still able to meet their vitamin and mineral intake, it should still fall within safe upper limits for those people who consume greater quantities of the shakes as well. I know that the Jimmy Joy team is currently reviewing the formula with regards to macronutrients, is the same being done for micronutrients?

Hello Joshauthor9899999999999999!

Thank you for the suggestion. In the new formula per 100 gram of plenny shake you will get 20% of the micro and macronutrients. We did already had what you are suggesting, it was the low calorie limited edition from January, we are thinking of putting it into our regular stock.

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I apologize but I want to clarify that I understand your response. You’re saying that the new formula will still have only 20% RDI of each micronutrient, just like it does currently, but that you’re considering increasing that?

Ey Josh!

We are increasing it with a small amount. Currently 100 gram of Plenny shakes covers on average 18% of the RDI of each micronutrient, because our portions are still set on 175 gram. In the new formula 100 gram will exactly have 20% of the RDI. But apart from that we haven’t considered a version with less calories but same micronutrients into the standard product range

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