Plenny Shake v2.1 is here!


  • Protein increase from 15 gram to 20 gram
  • More and higher diversity of fibers
  • Decreased maltodextrin content -50%.
  • Improved bioavailability of micronutrients
  • Removal of fluoride

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Wow, that’s good news. The previous (v2) formula didn’t keep me full for as long as the formula before that in the older bag although the calories were the same. I’m quite confident that with these changes it will become considerably better and keep me full for a longer amount of time. :slight_smile:


That is indeed very good news! :grinning:

I didn´t like the last edition. I really tried - I really did. But after 4-5 days I gave in and ordered some bags from another brand. And I am quite content with my new brand.

But I think the new update sounds brilliant and I can´t wait to try it. Most of all I hope that the flavors are changed and improved. Some time in the near future I will definitely buy a couple of bags to try it.


Very excited to try these. I stopped buying Plenny Shakes after the 2.0 changes (they tasted great and were smooth, but unfortunately as always nutrition is the number one goal).

The 2.1 changes are a fantastic first step in the best direction possible. I think most people here have similar priorities when it comes to the nutritional content over taste/texture.

I also love that you guys are doing your own research into it and not blindly following the outdated RDAs like a lot of other companies.

I really hope that Plenny Shake will continue to evolve according to your research and that some day we will all enjoy the perfect and healthiest shake possible.

But for now you’re getting pretty darn close! :smile: