Anyone have the Plenny Shake 2.1 nutrition label?

Just ordered some Vanilla shakes since they are on the new 2.1 formula, but I’m dying from anticipation to check out the nutritional info :laughing:

I’ve read the blog post about the new changes, but it’s not enough for me lol

Anyone got theirs that I could take a peek at? :wink:

Nutritional label is coming up shortly! Once we have it available we’ll post it on the forum and website etc. :smiley:

Thanks for the heads up @Tim, looking forward to checking it out :smile:

Updated it on the product page:

Thanks @Koningsbruggen!

New nutritionals are looking great, I see there’s also 0.7g less sugar per meal, which is a nice change as the sugar content scares a lot of people away :joy: