U.S. availability of v2.1? Active changing as well?

Hello. I was wondering if there are plans for Plenny Shake 2.1 to be sold in the U.S. and if there’s any estimate of when that might happen.

I was also wondering if the formulation of Active will be changing to be more in line with the nutrient profile of 2.1 (higher B12, no sodium flouride). On the Active page in the European store there’s conflicting information about the vitamin/mineral content. If you look at the “Vitamins & Minerals per:” graphic (by clicking the thumbnail under the photo of the big bag), it indicates the same increased B12 level that’s present in Plenny v2.1, but if you scroll down and click the button labeled “Nutritional Information”, that indicates just 20% RI of B12 per meal.


Hi there! At the moment we have 2.1 available in the US, except for the Coffee flavor in the California area. Once Every single flavor is 2.1 we will announce it through our channels, though.

For the second part of your question I’ll have to ask our head of Product Development.

Talk soon!

Hello there!

Thanks for raising your thoughts, we noticed that the amounts in the website have not been updated, therefore, our apologies for this inconvenient.

The amounts present in the product are the ones indeed stated in the label of the product, we are currently fixing this in the website.

With love and joy,

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