NEW Formula! Plenny Shake Active v3.1! 💪

Hi there,

All Plenny Shake Active flavours have been knighted to version 3.1 - except for Neutral!

And that makes it the perfect meal to help you keep those pesky New Year’s resolutions you’re going to make! With 100% natural flavouring and 35g of protein per meal, you can stick to your healthy lifestyle without having to compromise on taste.

Other important v3.1 updates:
:white_check_mark: 19% less fat
:white_check_mark: Antioxidants from freeze-dried microalgae

And since Plenny Shake Active Neutral v3.0 is not able to keep up with these upgrades, we’re offering it at 30% discount* - grab it while supplies last.

Try the new Plenny Shake Active v3.1 now! :link:
Or snatch up Neutral v3.0 with 30% off! :link:

*This code can’t be combined with other discounts such as subscriptions.